EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Trailer for 'Pure,' Hulu's New Mennonite 'Breaking Bad' Series


Called the "Mennonite Breaking Bad," Pure tells the story of a conflicted pastor trying to protect his family and preserve his faith. ET has your exclusive first look at the Canadian series, which will debut in the U.S. on July 7 on Hulu.  

Based on true events, Pure follows Noah Funk (Ryan Robbins, Arrow), a newly elected pastor working undercover with an organized Mennonite crime ring in order to get rid of the drug trafficking in his community and its ties to the Mexican cocaine cartels that have taken over the area.

Created by Michael Amo, Pure also stars Peter Outerbridge (Orphan Black), A.J. Buckley (Justified) and Rosie Perez as DEA agent Phoebe O’Reilly.

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