EXCLUSIVE: Jaleel White Open to 'Family Matters' Reboot, But Thinks Urkel Should be Animated: 'Holler At Me'

Jaleel White has not heard any talk of a Family Matters reboot, but if it happens, he has some ideas.
The 40-year-old actor, whose Steve Urkel character has become one of the most iconic roles in sitcom history, told ET's Leanne Aguilera at the 2017 CBS Summer TCA on Tuesday, that he's down to put the suspenders back on, but he's not sure whether it will happen.
"That's kinda up to Warner Bros.," the Me, Myself, and I star explained. "I think there's something to be done, but it hasn't been discussed and, you know, I'm gonna leave that up to peter and Warner Bros. to come holler at me if they wanna do that."
But one hurdle White sees with Urkel all these years later is he may be too animated a character -- for live-action that is.
"He's a cartoon as far as I'm concerned," he argued. "If you advance the clock by 25 years, I'm not sure you could really even capture what he is in live-action ... So that's my 'hint hint,' and what I think should be done."
Hey, if what comes of this is Urkel: The Animated Series, then this will all have been a win. In the meantime, we can live with the old episodes we know and love, as Hulu recently announced its plans to bring Family Matters, as well as a slew of other classic 90s shows to the streaming service later this year!
And to catch White in 2017, you can seeMe, Myself, and I when it premieres this fall on CBS.
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