'90 Day Fiance': Ed and Rosemarie Are Both Heartbroken After He Asks Her to Take an STD Test

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 4 star Ed Brown's relationship with his online girlfriend, Rosemarie, might be over before it actually starts.

Sunday's episode of the hit reality series showed 54-year-old Ed's struggles in the Philippines, where he traveled to meet 23-year-old Rosemarie face to face. Ed, who has sensitive skin and also a sensitive diet, is clearly uncomfortable with the humidity in the country and sweats profusely, and appears to almost have a panic attack at an outdoor market when Rosemarie continuously pulls money out of his wallet to buy things without asking. Meanwhile, Rosemarie notes that she doesn't like this side of Ed's personality when he's stressed.

While Ed does calm down after getting a manicure with Rosemarie, things take a sour turn between the two when they go out for dinner, which is when Ed decides to asks Rosemarie to take an STD test. Ed explains that he doesn't trust Rosemarie because she never wants to talk about her past -- including the father of her 4-year-old son, Prince, and her ex-boyfriends -- and why she has thousands of Facebook friends.

Not surprisingly, Rosemarie is offended by Ed's request, and says she's hurt that Ed doesn't trust her and thinks of her as a "dirty woman." 

"My heart cracked," she tells TLC cameras about Ed's request.

She then says that if she takes an STD test, he should take one too, although Ed says he isn't comfortable and will only take the test in America.

After Ed walks away from the conversation to get some air, Rosemarie breaks down in tears and turns angry. She eventually gets up to confront Ed and says that she doesn't talk about her past because the father of her son is now married with a new wife and kid, and she hasn't talked to him in a year. She also says she has only had two boyfriends since her relationship with Prince's dad ended. While Ed says that this is all he wanted to hear from her, the damage is done. Rosemarie says she wants to go home without Ed, and Ed apologizes and and makes sure she has a separate hotel room for the night before she gets into a taxi. Ed is clearly heartbroken after the intense argument, declaring to TLC cameras that he "no longer believes in love."

Ed recently sat down with ET to talk about his 90 Day Fiance journey, and he acknowledged that he didn't always go about things the right way when it comes to his relationship with Rosemarie. Ed's close friends had reservations about Rosemarie, including his 29-year-old daughter, Tiffany, who was upset that she was older than his online girlfriend.

"I don't think I could've made a better fool of myself," he said. "When you're in love, you're not thinking. You're not thinking about anybody else but yourself and the person you're in love with. And I was frustrated because nobody understood. Like, my daughter didn't understand. She was like, 'Dad, she's 23,' and I'm like, 'I know, but you don't understand what it feels like to be admired after 28 years.' It was such a wonderful feeling and I hadn't had that in years."

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