Amber Portwood Tearfully Demands ‘Respect’ After Bristol Palin Joins 'Teen Mom OG'


It’s time for the awkward meet and greet on Teen Mom OG!

After weeks of having new cast members Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd on the long-running MTV series, the newbies finally came face-to-face with OG stars Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout. 

On Monday’s episode, the women got together in New York to film some promotional material for the new season, but before the original stars met with the newcomers, they expressed some concerns to the show’s producers. 

It was revealed that Amber, 28, Catelynn, 26, and Maci, 27, weren’t given a heads up about their new co-stars following Farrah Abraham’s exit, and that didn’t sit well with the reality stars after 10 years of sharing their lives on camera. 

“So here’s the thing, before we do these interviews, we need to be introduced to these girls,” Amber tells one producer. “It’s just a courtesy thing." 

"I would never throw you on a set with people you don’t know,” the producer assures her. 

“Well, they just threw them on our show with us and we don’t know them, so why wouldn’t they just throw us on set together?” Catelynn fires back. 

One of the top producers, Larry, then comes in to address the complaints, and Amber gets visibly upset to the point of tears. 

"Before we meet these girls, I think we all deserve — since we didn’t get our phone call. We don’t want another Farrah,” Amber explains. “This show to us is like family, especially with the girls. So we really don’t want it to feel separated in any way." 

Amber, who has struggled with substance abuse, domestic violence, and even a stint in jail while on the MTV series, was in tears talking about the show and how she’s opened up for it. 

"There’s been a lot of things that’s happened in 10 years on this show from my own f**king life, that I have let you guys watch that has been really personal,” the mother of two notes. "So I need that respect back. We would really like some f**king respect."

Later, Amber, Catelynn and Maci are getting their makeup done together, and Amber continues to explain her side of things. 

"It makes me think, 'OK, are we doing something wrong that’s not good enough anymore?' That’s just my personal weird anxiety,” she says of the show’s decision to cast new moms. "It’s simply the courtesy of letting the girls who have been doing this for 10 years, who’ve built this franchise with them, like, let them know what’s going on on their show.”

Thankfully, things turned out OK when it came time for the five ladies to meet. One big ice breaker was the mutual dislike of Farrah, who was known for publicly distancing herself from her former co-stars. 

Bristol, 28, recalled meeting Maci nine years ago with Farrah, saying even back then the reality star was “rude.” 

"I just want to be cordial and friendly and have a good frickin’ season without a crazy reunion,” Amber tells the girls. 

"I’m just glad we have cast members we can talk to,” Maci adds. 

After the meet up, Catelynn returns home to her husband, Tyler Baltierra, who asks her about their new cast members. 

"It was good,” she tells him. "Cheyenne’s actually really chilled and real. Me and her vibed like a lot. Bristol’s probably going to take a little more time to get used to. We don’t come from a conservative family and she’s kind of a little bit more conservative, but she's nice. She’s a nice person… I think she’s probably nervous too.”

Though the show is pre-taped, Amber took to Twitter last week, saying she doesn’t feel like she can do the show any longer after an episode aired about her ex Gary Shirley’s wife suffering a miscarriage. Amber didn’t address her previous comments on social media, but tweeted on Monday night, “Umm after 10 years I damn sure think me @MaciBookout and @CatelynnLowell should have at least gotten a phone call! Thank god we all got along though with both Cheyenne and Bristol so we we're OK in the end. #sendinglove.” 

For more Teen Mom OG drama, watch the clip below: 


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