Hugh Jackman Reveals He Nearly Quit 'Les Mis'


Hugh Jackman won his first Golden Globe on Sunday night for his role as "Jean Valjean" in the talked-about musical drama Les Miserables. As he chatted backstage with ET's co-hosts, the newly awarded actor revealed that he nearly quit the film that has yielded great reward for him.

"Honestly, there was a moment where I was considering pulling out [of the film]," he divulged backstage at the Globes. "...I'd just had a bad day at rehearsals and all I kept hearing was all the other great people that played the role, and I said, 'I'm going to do 'em a favor; I'm going to pull out now; someone else should take it.'"

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The Australian actor, who has previously received one other Golden Globe nomination in 2002 for Kate & Leopold, said that his wife was the one who convinced him to carry on with the project.

"[My wife] took me off that ledge, and she was right," Jackman said. "Thank you, baby. Thank you for always being right. I'll never doubt you again."

As for the reward that resulted from the acclaimed musical, his first Golden Globe, Jackman said it was the "pinnacle" of his film career. Although he nearly quit the film, he divulged a premonition that the role would produce awards.

"I sort of weirdly knew that going in, whether I was good at it or not," he said. "As a role, 'Jean Valjean' is like a 'Hamlet.' So, it's probably why I was so terrified."

VIDEO: Why 'Les Mis' Terrified Hugh Jackman

Also receiving his fair share of rewards this awards season is Argo director and actor Ben Affleck. After a dry spell with the critics following his first Golden Globe in 1998 for Goodwill Hunting, Affleck is being showered in trophies this awards season.

"It feels really exciting. I didn't think I was going to win anything," he said of winning the Best Director and Best Picture awards. "... [I didn't] really ever imagine that I'd be here as a director. My life took this right turn and I found something that was interesting to do that I never thought I would and it's...culminated in tonight and it's amazing."

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