J-Law's Parents Get Emotional Backstage at SAGs


Jennifer Lawrence has been sweeping the awards circuit with her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. The 22-year-old actress was granted a SAG Award on Sunday to add to her Golden Globe and may add her first Oscar statuette to her collection in a few weeks. As one can imagine, no one is prouder of her than her parents, whom she brought along as her dates to the SAGs.

Lawrence, who won Best Actress once again for her lead role in the acclaimed comedy-drama, caught up with ET after winning the award and brought her parents along for the interview.

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"I'm so proud 'cause she's remained who she is throughout this whole process and it hasn't changed her," her mother said. "That's what I'm proud of. I don't care if she wins or loses necessarily, but because she won and she's stayed strong and true to herself, that's what makes me proud."

While Lawrence said it was a bit embarrassing to have her mother getting choked-up about her with the cameras around, she reflected on what the night's award, which was bestowed upon her by her acting peers, meant to her.

"It's incredible," she said of winning the award. "This one is so special because it's my peers and it's people who I've looked up to since before I wanted to be an actor and [who] have inspired me. That they know who I am and that they voted for me, it's incredible. That was a really unbelievable feeling."

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While Lawrence was celebrating her first SAG, the cast of Modern Family celebrated its third Best Comedy Series Ensemble Award, which it won over a deep list of nominees, including 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office.

"As actors, we never really feel that comfortable with our jobs," said Eric Stonestreet. "It's like, 'Well, will this be it? Is this the last one?' So, anything three years in a row makes you feel validated and that what you're doing is good."

Check out the full video for more backstage reactions from Lawrence and the Modern Family crew, as well as Julianne Moore, the cast of Downton Abbey, and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dick Van Dyke.