Mary Lambert: Why I Wrote 'Same Love'


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' single Same Love has been dominating the air waves, and on Sunday night it stole the show at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards when 33 couples, both gay and straight, were married on stage during the performance of the hit song.

The song is beloved for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' progressive lyrics that preach the importance of acceptance and love, but the touching vocals of the song's impactful chorus are the work of Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mary Lambert.

On the red carpet before the show, Lambert stopped to talk with ET's Nancy O'Dell and Elvis Duran about the song, and the impact it's had on the scores of people who support it.

"I hope that it's made an impact," Lambert, 24, said. "I wanted to write a song that was genuine and authentic to my experience, and being gay, and being artistic. I wanted to have those two things, and I didn't want it to be contrived. So how it's happened, and where it is right now, has been really incredible to watch."

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During the Grammy Awards performance, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and even Madonna performed Same Love while singer and actress Queen Latifah officiated the mass wedding ceremony. It was one of the most-talked about highlights of the evening.

O'Dell's chat with Lambert was just one of the many red carpet interviews shown on TVGN Live with ET at the Grammys on Sunday, January 26 at 5:00 PM ET/PT. Watch the video for more.