Katy Teases Tour: 'Most Fun Show You've Seen'


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singer Katy Perry delivered a wildly theatrical performance during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, but as she revealed to ET on Sunday night, her fans haven't seen nothing yet!

The 29-year-old pop star was showing her lighter side on the red carpet, decked out in a gorgeous light-pink Valentino dress that was covered in musical notes.

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ET's Nancy O'Dell and Elvis Duran were on hand to chat with Katy, who opened up about the preparation underway for her upcoming Prism tour. "Every week we get together at my kitchen table and we kind of just go at it," Katy revealed. "What we're going to play, what we're going to look like, how we're going to fly around the arena."

That's right, they are planning to fly around the arena. Katy made it known that her upcoming tour isn't going to be like anything seen before.

"It’s going to be the most fun show you've seen," Katy promised. "And that's saying a lot because I thought my last tour was pretty fun… Everybody left that tour being sprayed with confetti and whipped cream."

O'Dell and Duran's interview with the ROAR singer was just one of the red-carpet conversations that were shown live on TVGN Live with ET at the Grammys.

Check out the video for more from Katy, as well as her Grammy performance, below.