Ellen DeGeneres Honored With Record-Shattering 20th Prize at 2017 People's Choice Awards

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Ellen DeGeneres
became the most decorated People's Choice Awards recipient of all time on Wednesday when she took home three more awards to bring her total to a whopping 20.

Justin Timberlake
came out to present the trio of honors to the beloved comic, who won for Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Animated Movie Voice (for playing Dori in Finding Dori) and Favorite Comedic Collaboration.

To commemorate the event, all 20 of DeGeneres' awards were brought out onstage by men in tuxedos who stood in a semicircle behind Timberlake as bombastic music scored the

"Well, that was subtle," Timberlake quipped to DeGeneres, who was still sitting in the audience. "Did you request that?"

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DeGeneres took to the stage to accept the honors, where she joked about how many times she's taken home the prize.

"This is amazing. I mean, 20 [awards]. 17? I get it. 18. Sure? 19? I can see that. But 20 is outrageous," DeGeneres said. "This is something that means more to me than [anything] because it comes from the people."

"The only thing that would make me happier … is if it was voted on by animals, because I love animals and I think they know how much I love them," she added. "But animals aren't organized enough to have an awards ceremony. At least, I have not seen one. And they have paws, so it would hit a lot of numbers and it wouldn't be able to [indicate] the person they were hoping to vote for."

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"Snakes don't have any paws at all, so snakes would slither and cut across the phone," DeGeneres continued, really getting into her hypothetical Animal Award Show scenario. "Monkeys have fingers and little things, so they could probably vote. So I think Monkeys would do a great job. And I think they wouldn't have voted for me, because they're primates and they are very intelligent."

"Dolphins are intelligent as well," she added. "But their flipper, again, would have a hard time [voting]."

Eventually, DeGeneres got back on track and thanked the people once again before taking her record-shattering trophies and exiting the stage. It was a sweet, heartfelt moment that proved once and for all that she really is, as Timberlake put it, "the peoples' champ."

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