EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About First People's Choice Win and Doing Everything for Her Kids

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Jennifer Lopez took home her first People's Choice Award on Wednesday for her starring role in the NBC cop drama Shades of Blue, which she called her "passion project" during her enthusiastic acceptance speech.

ET's Carly Steel caught up with Lopez after her big win, and the actress opened up about why she feels so connected to Shades of Blue, on which she also serves as an executive producer.

"There are not many scripts that come along that you get really involved with and really feel like you can say something about people and humanity and nature," Lopez shared. "Even though it's a crime series [and] it's a cop drama, it really is about people."

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"It really is about the fact that we're all trying to be good and we mess up sometimes and that good people can do bad things," she added. "It's very relatable for a lot of people."

Aside from her dual role on the hit NBC drama, producing the upcoming dance competition series World of Dance, and making new music, Lopez also makes time for her 8-year-old twins, Emme and Maximilian.

"Everything I do is for them," Lopez, 47, explained. "Once you have kids, it's a whole different world. You go along as an actress or performer in this business and it's [always] 'Me, me, me. My business, my career, my things. What am I going to do next?' When you have kids it becomes not about you, it becomes about them and what's going to make them happy and what's going to make them better, and what's going to be better for them."

"Your whole [life] changes and it's this beautiful, freeing kind of loving feeling," she continued. "Things get, in a way, easier, because you know what's important. But also harder, because you just don't want to ever fail them."

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With all of her many responsibilities, Lopez admitted that she relies on some "great partners" to help her with her life and her family.

"Nobody does anything alone," she said. "Even with the kids, it takes a village. But I just have wonderful people in my life. I have a lot of loving people, a lot of people that believe in me and believe in what we're doing together. They know the kids come first and everything else kind of falls in line after that, and we just take it one day at a time."

Earlier in the day, ET caught up with Lopez at NBC’s Television Critics Association Winter Tour, where she opened up about performing her own stunts on Shades of Blue.

"It can get intense," she recounted. "I mean, the scenes that I do towards the end of the season were really, really rough. Lots of fighting and things like that. I'm not afraid. I know everything we do is safe, but when you're acting and you're really in it, you get hurt sometimes." Check out the video below to hear more.

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