Sara Bareilles Passes Out Pie at the Tony Awards as Kevin Spacey Pitches a 'Usual Suspects' Musical

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Let them eat...pie!

Sara Bareilles had her own viral moment at the 2017 Tony Awards on Sunday.

Dressed in a blue waitress outfit, the 37-year-old singer passed out pie to the audience as host Kevin Spacey was talking on stage.

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"What's going on down there?" Spacey asked.

"Oh just, every awards show passes out snacks," Bareilles replied.

"Sara, no," the House of Cards actor said. "Tony nominees do not pass out pie. It's just not done."

The singer laughed and added, "They do when they're promoting their musical, Waitress, at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre!"

"No, no, no, Sara, I'm sorry. We're not doing the whole awards show food thing. It's been done to death," Spacey quipped.

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They were then interrupted by a fellow from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadway show who proceeded to hand out Wonka Bars. But it didn't stop there!

Chazz Palminteri came on stage with cannolis to promote A Bronx Tale: The Musical. The actor and Spacey, who co-starred in the 1995 film, The Usual Suspects, then started pitching a musical version of the crime drama.

"I'm onto you, Verbal! That's a great idea, The Usual Suspects: The Musical!" Palminteri‏ said.

"I don't know. Stephen Baldwin sings in a whole different key now," Spacey joked of their co-star.

"We could do it on one set!" Palminteri continued. "The interrogation room, and we could end it with a big dance number."

"Oh, like 5-6-7-8- limp! 5-6-7-8- limp! 5-6-7-8- limp!," Spacey joked.

For more on Spacey, watch below.

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