EXCLUSIVE: 'Riverdale' Girls Gush About Becoming 'Best Friends,' Dish on 'Darker' Season 2

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The Riverdale girls are even closer in real life than they are on the show.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the cast at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, where they couldn't stop gushing about their friendship.

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"We've always been so close, so it's just progressively getting closer and closer which is you know, amazing. I work with my best friends which is rare and again, these are my best friends. I'm here with my best friends. Can I say best friends one more time?" Lili Reinhart adorably said, before giving Camila Mendes a huge hug. "My date [tonight] is my cast."

"They're all my family, honestly. I can tell them anything," Mendes sweetly added. "I'm sharing this really bizarre experience with them, and we're all kind of in the same boat. We get to go to events together, and it's nice to have them."

While the cast couldn't be cuter, their Riverdale characters will be taking a "darker" turn in season two.

"That's what we're definitely doing in season two. We're exploring a lot more into these characters and particularly with Betty getting in touch with her dark side a little bit so that's fun for me," Reinhart said.

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"Like, everything's taken to the next level," Mendes shared. "It really feels like level one was season one, and level two is season two, and the story lines are great. The relationships are being more fully fleshed out. It's great."

Madelaine Petsch, meanwhile, admitted to already seeing the more intense side of fame, with a crazy fan experience.

"My first [encounter] was so overwhelming. I was at the Grove, it was right after we got back from filming, and a fan yelled my name, actually 'Cheryl Blossom' at the top of her lungs, but it didn't really register," she recalled. "And [she] starts running, like a soldier, running at me, and then jumps on me. "I was so stressed out."

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The Riverdale crew proved they really are like "family," while paying tribute to their late line producer, JB Moranville, during their acceptance speech for Choice Drama TV Show.

Watch a sneak peek of season two in the video below. 

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