Everybody Thinks Catherine Zeta-Jones Looked Like an Emoji at the Golden Globes

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Plus, which emoji face is Chrissy Teigen making?

Awards season 2014 is proving to be a tough act to follow. Last year, we had America’s Best Friend Jennifer Lawrence, and without her we’re already 90 percent less GIF-worthy moments. We don’t have the human manifestation of the martini emoji, Emma Thompson, either. But a different emoji did grace the red carpet at the 2015 Golden Globes.

Catherina Zeta-Jones
is the real-life dancing woman emoji. Check it:

The only difference is that CZJ has hands. But we can overlook that.

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Meanwhile, the other big meme of the night was Chrissy Teigen’s crying(?) face. Which didn’t look like any sort of human emotion, but does actually look like another emoji:


Here’s hoping the dancing leotard twins emoji and the pink shirt hand up girl show up at the Oscars!

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