Sam Smith Says He Should Never Have Fallen in Love With His Ex

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Sam Smith is opening up about matters of the heart!

The "Stay With Me" singer joined ET on the 2016 Golden Globes red carpet -- where he is nominated for Best Original Song for the movie Spectre -- and confessed that falling in love with his ex was probably a mistake.

"It was my fault," the singer responded, when asked if his former flame regretted breaking his heart, joking, "I fell in love with him. I shouldn't have done that."

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"We're still friends," Smith admitted afterward. "It's all good."

Well that's great!

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The singer, who explained to ET in October that he would be taking a much-deserved hiatus from the spotlight, revealed he is once again working on new material, and it should be his most deeply personal work to date.

"It's feeling good," Smith explained. "It's as personal and honest as it's always gonna be."

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Smith's co-writer, Jimmy Napes, clarified: "Sam always pours his heart out when we're writing, so it's great to go back into the studio and to start looking at what the next album... starts to form."

"It's exciting!" Napes continued.

Can't wait to hear it! It's pretty likely the new music will have to do with love, and last year, Smith told ET how growing up has changed his idea of romance.

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"Before I'd think I'd want it to be more romantic, but I just want to hang out now," the 23-year-old shared at the time. "That's kind of it, just hang out."

Watch Smith talk about taking his break to "kiss more boys" below.