EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Metz Gets Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Toby on 'This Is Us': 'Remember Game of Thrones'?!

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Could Sunday be a big night for This Is Us star Chrissy Metz?

A first-time Golden Globe nominee, the 36-year-old actress -- looking fierce in a long-sleeved royal purple gown and recovering from a knee injury -- chatted with ET’s Kevin Frazier on the red carpet on Sunday about her whirlwind year and trying to get the time to reflect on the impact This Is Us has had on audiences.

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“We're still shooting and so we're still like ‘I'm going to be on set tomorrow at 8 a.m.’ and I haven't had a chance to,” Metz told ET. “I tried to during the Christmas holidays but yeah I can't, I don't know how!”

We couldn’t help but ask Metz for any hints as to the aftermath of the winter finale, which saw Metz’s character Kate’s on-again beau, Toby, suffering a heart attack, prompting questions about his fate.

“Tuesday’s really soon. Tuesday is 48 hours, less than 48 hours away and you’re going to find out. You’re going to have an answer either way,” she promised, referencing the winter return. (Just two days ago, ET spoke with Metz about the upcoming episode, where she hinted that viewers will get “a little closure.”)

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Even so, Metz totally understands why fans have been freaking out over Toby’s future.

“Do you remember Game of Thrones? First episode?! Hello!” she adorably replied, a nod to Jon Snow’s resurrection. “Shocked me! I was like, ‘Gwah!’ So that’s good television.”

If it turns out that Toby doesn’t survive Tuesday’s episode, Metz anticipates fans will revolt.

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“There’ll be an uproar, I know that,” she said.

Metz also reflected on the fact that her life has come full circle, telling ET that two years ago, she and a friend were among the fans in the stands seeking out their favorite TV and movie actress at the Globes.

“You don't understand. I literally, like, two years ago, hid on this carpet to take pictures while all of the stars were inside and my friend was like you're going to be here one day. And I'm like, ‘Oh, OK,’ and here I am!” she recalled. “Somebody said my name, guys. And legitimately wanted to see me and wave to me. It's so flattering and wonderful and surreal. Surreal!”