Billy Bob Thornton Opens Up on His Touching Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Tribute to Late 'Goliath' PA

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When Billy Bob Thornton won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Drama Series on Sunday night, the Goliath star got emotional during his acceptance speech when he dedicated the award to Luke Scott, a production assistant on his Amazon drama who died at age 23.

Speaking with reporters in the Golden Globes press room after his speech, the 61-year-old actor opened up about the young PA, who passed away last year, and explained why he used his platform to honor Scott's life.

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"There was a very good crew on Goliath," Thornton shared. "Luke Scott was a kid who was only 23 years old and passed away last year. Luke made me want to come to work."

"He was the guy who, when I got there, I knew that his face was such a joyous face," he continued. "He was so happy just to be there and have that job and be around the business he wanted to be around."

Thornton also spoke about how important -- and difficult -- it is to "stick your neck out" and follow your dream, especially in the film industry.

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"A lot of people in the entertainment business get called privileged," Thornton said. "[However] I came out here in poverty and spent a decade trying to eat. Those kinds of things get to you."

"What separates people who come to these award shows, they're people who are willing to take a chance," he added. "Maybe it was safer to work at the factory back home but if you wanted to make something of yourself, you're willing to go take the chance."

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