2015 Oscars Snubs and Surprises: Everything is NOT Awesome for 'LEGO Movie,' Aniston, 'Selma'

Marion Cotillard enters the awards race at the last minute, while 'Whiplash' earns some well-deserved recognition.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Meryl Streep were among the 2015 Oscar nominees announced on Thursday morning, (because, of course they were,) but let's dig in to what we all really want to talk about: the snubs and surprises.

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Surprise! Marion Cotillard: Perhaps one of the biggest surprises came in the Best Actress category, when Cotillard's name was called for her role in Two Days, One Night. It's not that Cotillard isn’t a force in the acting world, or that she didn’t deserve the nomination, but the 39-year-old beauty had failed to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Screen Actors Guild or the Broadcast Film Critics Association this season.

Snub! Jennifer Aniston: For every surprise, there's a snub. After months of critical acclaim, a press tour and several acting nominations, Jennifer Aniston failed to score an Oscar nom for her dramatic role in Cake.

Snubs! Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams: The A Most Violent Year star was also shut out of the Best Actress race -- but even more shocking is that Adams, who took home a Golden Globe Award on Sunday, was not recognized by the Academy for her role in Big Eyes.

Snub! Jake Gyllenhaal: Nightcrawler did earn a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, but the film's star couldn't muscle his way into the Best Actor category. To be fair, it's a crowded category this year, with Eddie Redmayne, Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton and Bradley Cooper all scoring noms.

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Surprise! American Sniper: The drama secured its place as a Best Picture contender, but…

Snub! Clint Eastwood: The Sniper director, who previously won the Best Director Oscar in 1993 for Unforgiven and again in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby, was not feeling the love on Thursday.

Snub! 'Selma': Not only was director Ava DuVernay robbed of a Best Director nomination, the film was snubbed across the board in acting categories. The Academy's only redemption: nominating the film for Best Picture, and Common and John Legend for Best Original Song.

Triple Snub! Best Original Song: After Lana Del Rey was previously snubbed for "Young and Beautiful," her breakout contribution to The Great Gatsby soundtrack, we were sure she'd be recognized for this year's "Big Eyes." Well, she wasn't, and neither was Lorde (for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1's "Yellow Flicker Beat") or Sia (for Annie's "Opportunity").

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Surprise! "Everything Is Awesome!": The insanely catchy theme song from The Lego Movie more than deserved its Best Original Song nomination, and thank goodness it was recognized here because…

Snub! The LEGO Movie: …it's an absolute travesty that the star-studded LEGO Movie was not honored with a Best Animated Film nomination. Seriously, how did this happen?!

Snub! Interstellar: Let's not forget about Christopher Nolan's epic. Interstellar is nominated for a few technical awards, but in a Best Picture category with 10 available slots, only eight were filled -- and Intersteller wasn't one of them.

Surprise! Whiplash: The stirring music-drama did secure a Best Picture nomination. We all knew J.K. Simmons would be up for Best Supporting Actor (how could he not be?) but we were pleasantly surprised to see the film recognized as a whole.

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Who's taking home a little gold man named Oscar this year? The winners will be announced on Feb. 22.

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