'Bachelor in Paradise': Blake Tries to Redeem Himself With Hannah -- and She Goes For It!


We are here for all the Blake drama. 

Bachelor in Paradisekicked off its sixth season on Monday night, and from the beginning, this season's theme was clear: Blake's about to be exposed. The runner-up from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette found himself at the center of controversy after sleeping with Kristina and Caelynn back-to-back at Stagecoach in April... and then telling Caelynn to lie about ever having had a relationship. 

To make matters worse, he apparently messaged Tayshia and Hannah G. while Caelynn was still in his bed, and then told her that she was a "mistake." As Monday night's explosive promo teased, we saw Caelynn (and Kristina!) confront Blake on Tuesday night's episode -- and we were right here, live blogging along the way. 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates. 

Bro Spanish

6:59 PM:

We are totally grossed out by all of JPJ's hacking but we also can't get over him speaking bro Spanish. 

It's the greatest and grossest scene we've ever seen. 


6:58 PM:

Next week, we'll find out Hannah's decision. Jordan heads to Paradise with a date card for Nicole, and Big Mike enters the building. 

Blake sees a legitimate future with Hannah, and Dylan wants to fight for her. Then, it's confrontation time!


6:57 PM:

Demi, the voice of reason, tells Hannah that Blake's a "loser." Time will tell if she's gotten through to her. 

"I feel like this week was a downward and downward spiral," Hannah tells Wells, who says Dylan is a "smitten kitten." 

Hannah is clearly conflicted. "Just from behind this bar, I can see there's something between you and Blake that you can't stop yourself from," Wells says. "I think you just gotta follow your heart. What does your heart say?" 

"I have connections with both Dylan and Blake, and I just wish I knew the answer," Hannah tells the camera. 

Poor Dylan

6:54 PM:

Hannah takes Dylan aside to tell him how her time with Blake went. 

"I know it's not stuff you want to hear... I am trying to just be honest and open, and he like, kissed me," she tells Dylan. "I feel like a really bad person... I'm trying to maneuver my way through all of this." 

Dylan's face makes us want to cry. We can see his soul hurting through his eyeballs. "I just feel like I look so dumb sometimes," he confesses. "Come on, man, that's so shady!" 

He's a little upset that this is the second time it's happened to him, and WE FEEL HIS PAIN. 


6:53 PM:

Hannah tells Blake that she's keeping things open, and he has hope. 

"You're going to be trouble," Hannah tells him. AND THEY KISS. NO. STOP. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY? COME ON! UGH! LORD!!!

It's been 10 seconds and we're still mad about the kiss. Blake is giddy, and Hannah covers her face with her hands in what we're assuming is terror and regret.

"This feeling is why I came to Paradise," Blake says. 

We are making like JPJ and puking all over everywhere. 

Any Chance?

6:49 PM:

"Hopefully, I get to kiss her tonight," Blake tells the camera. 

He tells Hannah that he finally feels like he's above water. "The reason I wanted to sit down with you is I want to see where your head's at," he tells her. 

Hannah admits that she wanted to hang out with him, but seeing his drama, she explored other things. 

"I made some mistakes along the way. I know that," Blake says. "I love your dress, by the way. You look pretty." 

Dylan feels confident about his connection with Hannah, and Demi feeds his fire, telling him Hannah's not into Blake. 

Just Getting Started

6:44 PM:

"I think the Blake drama is just getting started," Demi confesses. "Dun, dun, dun!" 

OK, Blake...

6:43 PM:

Hannah tells Dylan that she told Wills not to give her his rose, and Dylan IS SO EXCITED. 

"I do think Hannah and I are the strongest couple in Paradise right now," he gushes. 

Blake, meanwhile, is lighting candles (for his soul?) and preparing to whisk Hannah away. "I feel like there's something really special between me and Hannah," he tells the camera. 

Hannah Dumps Wills

6:41 PM:

Wills takes Hannah aside, and Dylan freaks out. 

"I think that I don't want to waste your rose tonight," Hannah tells Wills. "I think my heart is kind of tugging somewhere else... it's difficult for me to be very open and upfront." 

Wills commends her for being honest. "I just know that love is something you literally... can't force, and I'm going to try to trust that moving forward, and hopefully it doesn't backfire," she says. 

Wills is hurt, and wipes the tears off his face while talking to the camera. 

Things Get Complicated

6:39 PM:

"I'm so scared!" Bibi confesses, still crying. 

Kristina, meanwhile, takes Chris aside. 

"Boy, Annaliese is like, the sweetest girl in the world, but Kristina is like a breath of fresh air," Chris confesses. "Hopefully I don't regret [this decision] later."

Chris Is a Hot Commodity?

6:36 PM:

Annaliese tries to give Chris a "check-up" during the cocktail party. She's into him, and we're not mad about it. 

She leans in for a kiss, but he doesn't look that into it. Kristina awkwardly approaches, asking to steal Chris "for a minute." 

Clay tells Nicole he's definitely giving Nicole a rose, and Bibi asks Wells for his advice. She cries, and he comes over to give her a hug. "I feel rejected!" she cries. "I feel crazy." 

"Who's going to give me a rose?" Bibi asks Annaliese. "I just feel like it's not enough!" 


6:29 PM:


And now Jane, feeling the pressure, tries to connect with him. She brings over a couple of tacos. JPJ immediately starts hacking. He's hardcore choking. "I'm really sorry, Jane," JPJ apologizes. 

"I feel so bad right now," Jane confesses. 

JPJ is now hurling into the ocean. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine," he says after throwing up all over the beach. 

Jane is crying. "That just hindered my ability to do my best tonight," she says. "That is not what I intended to do. I need a minute!" 

Caelynn & Cam?

6:27 PM:

Blake apologizes to Caelynn, and she says she wants to move on. 

"I look awful... I don't know how I could possibly recover from this," he cries. 

Caelynn admits she's felt bad that she hasn't explored any options so far, so she takes Cam aside, hoping he'll "surprise" her. 

"I do want to explore us further," Cam says. "I was really looking forward to this whole journey." 

Caelynn admits that she's been impressed by what she's seen from Cam (and reveals she watched Hannah's season), and leans in for a kiss. WHAT? 

Cam is loving it. "My heart right now feels like I drank 30 espressos," he gushes.

Tayshia Gives Blake Some Advice

6:26 PM:

Somehow, Dylan didn't know everything that happened with Blake, and he's shocked. 

Blake is freaking out that people are still talking about him. "I just want to move past all of this and move forward," he reveals, before taking Tayshia aside. 

"Kristina painted you in a very bad light. I think you need to clear that situation up, because I think it's just going to get worse," she candidly tells him. 

Demi's Lay of the Land

6:23 PM:

Blake's rose is up for grabs -- and he's trying to do damage control. 

"Honestly, I don't f**king care," Demi says. Elsewhere, Nicole and Clay are connecting, Hannah is stressing out between Wills and Dylan. 

"Poor old Jane. I think she's going home," Demi guesses. "But I'm pretty sure I'm getting a rose." 

She and Derek connect over how sweet he is to her. "It's kind of like, a thrill. I like it," she says, before going in for a kiss. 

Time Is of the Essence!

6:21 PM:

The group arrives for the cocktail party. "Tonight's going to be like The Hunger Games," Tayshia says. "The ladies ain't going to stop for nothing... nobody wants to go home." 

Chris arrives and cracks a joke about the men's shirts looking like shower curtains. Cam puts it out there, telling the women to come talk to him if they don't want it to be their "last night." 

Three women are about to leave Paradise

Blake Is a Mess

6:17 PM:

Blake tells the guys how things went down with Caelynn, and says he knows no matter what happens at the rose ceremony, he's going to look like a "d**khead." 

"It's going to be hard on everybody in my life... because of what I did," Blake cries to the camera. "This is real life. It's not just television. This is my life... it's over and I know it. My life is going to completely change, not for the better." 

Caelynn's not feeling "stoked" for the rose ceremony, and Hannah admits no one knows what's going to happen.


6:12 PM:

Clay tells Nicole about his conversation with Annaliese. 

"Do you feel like you really are over the relationship?" Nicole asks, and Clay says he is. "I'm glad you could clear the air with me." 

Clay leans in for a kiss, and Nicole loves how much she can trust him. Their date ends with a fireworks display, because this is still a Bachelor show. 

"Nicole's getting my rose," Clay tells the camera, revealing how "excited" he feels about her. 

Demi Tells it Like it Is

6:09 PM:

Clay and Angela explore a carnival. "She's so much fun, she's absolutely gorgeous. Muy caliente!" Clay tells the camera as he and Nicole dance it out. 

Back at the beach, Annaliese has a meltdown over her convo with Clay. "It honestly felt like having a conversation with like, 10 boyfriends... he was caught," she tells Demi. 

Demi asks Annaliese why she brought it up, and threw a "grenade" into the situation. "Find what's going to make you happy and don't worry about other people," she advises. 

Annaliese cries over feeling like she couldn't sit back and not say anything. 

"Grandma's off her meds!" Demi tells the camera. "Annaliese needs to just stay in her lane... there may not be a worse judge of character when it comes to men than Annaliese!" 


6:08 PM:

Annaliese pulls Clay aside. "I just don't know how you can walk onto this beach," she says. 

Clay says he and Angela broke up months ago, but Annaliese says she heard that he was planning a future with her friend the day before they broke up. 

She says she saw texts from Clay, and he says it's "falsified information." "I hope that you can focus on yourself," he tells her. 

"I don't feel like you're here for the right reasons," she says, telling Clay that she thinks he's here because he didn't get picked up by a football team. 

Nicole awkwardly walks up and takes him away for their date. "I'm not going to let what Annaliese did affect my date with Nicole," he vows. 

Annaliese Is Out for Blood

6:04 PM:

It doesn't take long for Annaliese to express her concerns about Clay taking Nicole on a date, revealing that Clay and Angela just saw each other two weeks ago. "She is really struggling with the breakup," she reveals. 

"She said right before they broke up, they were looking at houses together," Annaliese says, claiming Clay told Angela he's going to marry her but first needs to figure himself out. 

"I'm sick of guys saying, 'You are the woman I'm going to marry,'" she tells the camera as she heads off to confront Clay. 

Bibi's Crying

6:01 PM:

"Of course I'm disappointed. I can't hide that," Bibi cries. "I'm so scared." 

"I don't want to go home tomorrow," she tells Katie. 

Date Card!

5:58 PM:

Clay then talks to Nicole, and reveals he didn't tell Angela he was in love with her throughout their eight-month relationship. 

They cuddle up, and a date card comes through -- for Clay! 

"Pick a hot date!" Demi instructs. 

"This will be my first one-on-one date in my Bachelor career," he excitedly reveals... before asking Nicole out, and leaving Bibi shocked. 

Bibi's 'Hoo-Ha'

5:57 PM:

Bibi tells Wells that she's into Clay, and he advises her to be "proactive." 

"What if I freak out?" Bibi asks, joking about how her "hoo-ha is going to whisper." 

"Hey, Bibi!" Wells jokingly whispers at her, as Bibi heads off to talk to Clay. 

Clay can't stop telling Bibi how hot she is. "Thank you, that means a lot. You're not so bad yourself," she replies. 

Hey, Clay

5:54 PM:

Clay is getting in a workout on the beach, and the girls can't help but check him out. "Look at his body, that's a piece of meat!" Tayshia exclaims. 

Nicole's got her eyes set on him -- and so does JPJ? "The guy is huge! I can definitely see why some ladies would be attracted to that," JPJ says. 

Clay confesses that he's a little nervous to start dating again after his breakup from Angela. 

F**k That Guy

5:50 PM:

"I don't know what to do," Dylan says, revealing he's not sure what Hannah's kiss with Wills means, and if he wants to give her his rose. "F**k that guy." 

Being Honest

5:48 PM:

Wills gushes over kissing Hannah to Wells, and Dylan tells Hannah that he's only into her. 

Hannah worries about Dylan closing himself off to other opportunities. "I did want to just say one thing... Wills just kissed me, and that's all I have to say," she confesses. "I'm just trying to be transparent." 

Dylan asks if Hannah is into Wills. "I don't know," Hannah replies, clearly feeling uncomfortable. 

"My stomach kind of dropped a little when she told me," Dylan tells the camera. 

Wills Makes His Move

5:46 PM:

Wills is ready to make his move on Hannah when Dylan heads off for a minute. 

"I'm finally feeling relaxed here. That's really nice," Hannah says, revealing she has to find the balance with being open to options. 

"I just think you're a really dope girl," Wills says, going in for the kiss. Hannah's into it, and they make out. 

Dylan walks over and sees Hannah and Wills together. "That was smooth, I'll give it to you," she tells Wills before Dylan steals her away. 

Day 3

5:43 PM:

It's Day 3, and Demi feels like it's going to be a good day. Hannah and Dylan are spending time together and so are Demi and Derek. "It wouldn't be Paradise if there wasn't drama," she says. 

Tayshia says she has a headache over what's gone down with Blake. "I don't know what it's going to take for him to change," Caelynn admits. 

Blake feels like he's living in a nightmare. "I was hoping to leave here with a partner... I f**ked up so bad," he sulks. 

Breaking Down

5:38 PM:

"He just needs to go!" Tayshia tells the camera, declaring that if there ever was a chance of them working out, it's now over. 

The cast jokes about how no one is interested in Blake anymore, just hours after they were all clamoring over him. 

"Nobody would be into me now," Blake cries to the camera. "This is wild, man. This is wild. I feel awful!" 

Blake clutches his heart, but he doesn't have a heart attack or anything. He's just breathing heavily and contemplating life. "What do I do? I gotta get out of Paradise!

Kristina Tells Tayshia

5:35 PM:

"This is bad!" Blake keeps repeating. 

"I feel for him, but I don't feel for him," Wills laughs, noting that Blake probably isn't feeling like he's in Paradise right now. 

Kristina then goes up to Tayshia to tell her what happened. "What upset me about the situation is not that he had sex... it's the fact that it was the next night, and he told me a week ago," she says. "It seems calculated... was it just kind of saving his a**?" 

Tayshia is "confused." "He's a freaking player!" she tells the camera. 

What a Deal

5:33 PM:

Everyone is freaking out about what just went down -- and wondering what'll happen to Blake's rose. 

"Blake has had sex with like, everyone on this beach already, maybe Chris Harrison!" Demi exclaims, noting that it's him trying to keep everyone a secret that's super "shady." 

Wills approaches Blake, asking him what just happened. He admits to hooking up with Caelynn after drinking. "She said that I called this a mistake," he says. 

Storming Off

5:27 PM:

Caelynn storms off, and Blake loses his mind. 

"That was insane!" he tells himself. "I feel so bad. This is insane." 

Onyeka tries to comfort Caelynn, who can't stop crying. "It makes me sad that they got played by him," Onyeka says. 

Blake sits there, alone, seemingly pondering his dramatic day. 

Letting Him Have It

5:25 PM:

Caelynn finally tells Blake how hurt she's been. 

"I am so sorry," Blake says. "We talked about this." 

Blake says they were going to be friends, and Caelynn reminds him that it was him who decided that... and then he called her a mistake. 

"Just like, acknowledge me... don't make me feel like this dirty secret," Caelynn begs through tears. "I was willing to f**king lie for you!" 

"I just feel like a f**king dirty secret!" she bawls. 

Blake freaks out, telling her how sorry he feels. "I did not know you felt this way!"

"Of course I felt this way!" Caelynn replies. 

Own Up To It!

5:23 PM:

At the beach, Caelynn says she's been trying to convince herself Blake is the great guy she once knew. 

"The fact that he's trying to hide you is honestly very degrading to you," Onyeka tells her. 

Blake and Kristina return from their date, and he's deflated. "I just want to move past all this and relax a little," he tells the camera. 

Caelynn, however, gets more worked up over how Blake me her feel. "I just wish he would recognize his behavior and own up to it," she says. 

Didn't End Well

5:19 PM:

"Be a man, Blake!" Kristina says as she and Blake walk off, ending their date. 

All she wants is for him to take responsibility for what he did. 

Still ahead, Caelynn gets her chance to confront Blake, while Hannah starts "exploring relationships." 

Oh, Blake

5:16 PM:

Kristina says she's worried that Blake doesn't understand what the problem is. "He needs to treat me with respect," she declares. 

Blake asks how Paradise is going to go for them. "I want to be stronger this time around and lead moreso with my head," she reveals, adding she's going to keep her distance from him.

Blake questions why Kristina would approach him about this issue in Paradise. "I never would have ambushed you like this," he says. 

"You humiliated me," Kristina replies. 

"You're acting like I'm this really bad person!" Blake says. "I didn't do anything wrong!" 


5:15 PM:

Back on the beach, Bibi says she thinks Kristina is actually interested in Blake. Cam, meanwhile, isn't happy, saying he thinks their outside drama should be handle outside the show. 

"I wonder what he's thinking," Hannah says. 

Did You Change the Sheets?

5:09 PM:

Blake tries to explain himself, telling Kristina that he and Caelynn both thought they "took it too far" the next day. 

Kristina isn't having it, telling Blake that she's hurt he slept with someone else the next day. "Ultimately, it really hurt my feelings, the way you handled it," she says. 

Blake says he's made his bed and he's going to sleep in it. "Did you change the sheets?" Kristina hisses. Ouch!!

Blake's Date

5:08 PM:

Blake and Kristina go ATVing while he discusses their past relationship. "I'm looking to get out of today where her mindframe is in Paradise," he says. 

Kristina wants to see where things go this time around. She talks about how she and Blake had fun when they met last August... until Stagecoach. "What happened with Caelynn was just like, a slap in the face to me." 

Spill the Secret!

5:05 PM:

"I don't want this to be a secret. I'm sick of it," Caelynn tells the camera. NEITHER DO WE. 

Blake grabs Kristina and whisks her away. "How is she not mad at him?" Caelynn asks. "Makes my skin crawl!" 

Hannah feels the drama in the air today. Bring it!

First F**kboy of 'Paradise'

5:03 PM:

Onyeka rehashes all the drama for us, and lays it all out there. "I kind of think Blake is a f**kboy," she says. "I just don't get it... Welcome to Paradise." 

Blake pulls Tayshia aside before his date with Kristina, telling her that he had a great time with her the night before. "It was really sweet that he came to me before his date," Tayshia says. "Blake is a tall drink of water. Those eyes, I can't stand it." 

She's FEELING IT, and Caelynn is so uncomfortable. 

Opening Credits

5:02 PM:

We've got a new one this season, and we're LIVING for Kristina spilling that tea!

Hunger Games

5:00 PM:

Tonight's episode has kicked off, and it'll be the like Hunger Games. 

But first, Chris Harrison says it's time to see what happens with Blake. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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