'The Bachelor' Premiere: The Night’s Most Memorable Limo Exits, Ranked From Uncomfortable to Adorable

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. has officially made his Bachelor debut!

The choice no one saw coming proved he has what it takes to do the job on night one of his Bachelor duties -- but as for the women? Let’s just say there’s a few who might get left in the dust (we know… a cheesy racing joke for the race car driver. Deal with it!)

From racing to real estate to his salt-and-pepper hair, Luyendyk gave the ladies a lot to work with when crafting their limo exits and while host Chris Harrison reminded us all that Bachelor No. 22 is "arguably the best kisser we've ever had on the show,” surprisingly only one woman played the Kissing Bandit card to her advantage.

See the premiere’s most memorable limo exits, ranked from absolutely uncomfortable to adorable, below:

Pit Stop


This one wasn’t the first racing joke of the night, but it was definitely the worst. Despite looking completely put together as she exited the limo, Ali told Luyendyk that she was “rushing today to get ready,” and needed him to “do a quick smell check.” “Was that not the best pit stop of your life?” she asked after he got a whiff of her underarms. No words.

A Lot of D*cks in the Sea?


Another questionable entrance came courtesy of Amber, who created a joke modeled after her own career. “I own a spray tan company, so you can imagine in my line of work, I see a lot of d*cks, and I’m just hoping that you’re not one,” she declared.

Not Buying It


Caroline was definitely sweet, but her cheesy Realtor joke was borderline forgettable. "Hopefully by the end of this we'll both be off the market,” she told Luyendyk before heading inside.

Arie Ferrari


We went back to the race track with Brittane, who teased, "They say you're not supposed to put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, but why not an Arie?” Before slapping a sticker on the Bachelor’s derriere.  

Namaste Away


By the time we got to Krystal, we were pining for another cheesy pun, but the fitness coach instead opted for a little self-help. “Put your hands on your heart and close your eyes and take a second… to reflect on feeling so grateful for everything leading to this moment,” she instructed Luyendyk. “It’s in this moment that we’re ready for the adventure to begin.” We’ll namaste away from this one, thank you very much.

Little Weiner


We saw Tia’s limo exit coming as soon as we found out she was from Weiner, Arkansas -- but girlfriend made it work. "I have a little gift. It's actually a little weiner. Please tell me you don't already have a little weiner!" she said while presenting Luyendyk with a tiny token to remember her by. "I do not have this,” he hilariously insisted.

Four Score and Several Laurens Ago


We’re saying it now: FOUR LAURENS ARE THREE LAURENS TOO MANY. And while some of them might be great catches (Statistically, at least one will make it to the final four. That’s how math works, right?), none of them were particularly enchanting in their limo exits. Shout out to Lauren G., though, for keeping it real: “I’m Lauren. I know you just met another Lauren, so yeah.” Good luck telling them apart, Luyendyk!

Revving the Engine


Maquel definitely knows how to make an entrance. The 23-year-old photographer said Vaarwel to the limo, choosing to arrive in a race car (which we rolled our eyes at until she gracefully exited the car looking like a Bond girl). She didn’t actually say anything that memorable, but that hair flip was enough to catch Luyendyk’s attention.

Cherry Red Classic


Twenty-two-year-old Bekah had a similar approach, rolling up in a ‘65 cherry red Mustang, but her opening line definitely did the deed. “I may be young, but I can still appreciate something classic,” she teased.

Premiere Proposal


Night one, and Becca made sure to let everyone know she’s here for the right reasons. “Close your eyes, bend your left knee and gently bend down. Repeat after me. ‘Rebecca Jill, are you ready to do the damn thing?’” she prompted Luyendyk to say, proposing to her straight out of the limo. “This is all moving very fast. I think you should probably get rid of some of the other girls first,” she cheekily replied before heading inside the mansion.

Kissing Bandit


Costumes don’t have a great track record on The Bachelor, but Annaliese’s was so good that it topped out list. The 32-year-old event designer arrived sporting a mask and a bag of stolen kisses that could only be one thing -- a kissing bandit, who no-doubt charmed the Bachelor.  

Luyendyk told ET exactly how he became known as the Kissing Bandit, and what makes a perfect kiss. Watch below.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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