Behind-the-Scenes Look at Maddie & Tae's 'Friends Don't' Music Video (Exclusive)


Maddie & Tae have a new and exciting music video on the way for fans!

The country duo -- Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye -- gave ET a behind the scenes look of their soon-to-be released visual for their new single, “Friends Don’t." Viewers are treated to the pair shooting on rooftops and under strings of lights, not to mention some fun bonding before the cameras even started rolling.

“Hey guys, we are on the set of our music video for ‘Friends Don’t,’” Tae says. “It’s currently three-something in the afternoon and we aren’t leaving here until 5 a.m.”

Next, viewers see how Tae is safely secured for those romantic rooftop moments in the video. “I ain’t going nowhere, right?” she playfully asks the crew off-camera while inspecting the ropes that are holding her in place.

In July, ET’s Sophie Schillaci sat down with the duo to discuss what they envisioned for the video, which involved some acting on the girls’ part.

“It’s very different from all the other music videos we’ve done,” Tae explained. “Be both have different storylines, but in the same setting, so the music video will kinda follow Maddie’s story and my story and, yeah, the conclusion. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“We both have a love interest,” Maddie chimed in while discussing the challenge of performing a romantic moment on camera with a trained actor. “Tae, she is actually a really, really good actress… But yeah, I don’t enjoy it, but we needed to do it for this song and the video we had to be the main characters for it to make sense.”

As the girls hinted, the behind-the-scenes clip definitely offers fans the briefest of glimpses of them preparing and shooting with their male love interests, played by actors.

And, although Maddie isn’t too keen on a future in acting, she has no difficulty discussing her real-life engagement to her boyfriend of seven years, Jonah Font, last month.

“I’m so excited,” she gushed. “We booked the venue today… We’re gonna do it next fall. And then Tae’s gonna go and look at dresses with me! She’s one of my bridesmaids too.” Needless to say, this duo is living their best lives these days!

Here's their full chat with ET:

The music video for “Friends Don’t” arrives on Friday.

Check out the behind-the-scenes fun up above.


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