‘Being Mary Jane’: Justin Makes a Confession About His Ex-Girlfriend That Brings Him Closer To MJ

Being Mary Jane Justin And MJ Bed

No more regrets. 

On Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane, Justin (Michael Ealy) and MJ (Gabrielle Union) take their love to new heights after he makes a huge confession about his ex-girlfriend, Simone’s, fatal cancer battle. 

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The big reveal comes when MJ tries to help Justin get over Simone’s death and potentially stop him from donating the $30 million fortune that she left him to charity. 

“I realized I just want to lock the whole thing up in a box and forget it ever happened,” Justin tells MJ, who has yet another plan up her sleeve. She surprises him with a meeting with Simone’s sister, Tiffany, and finds out Simone wasn’t exactly a “saint,” at least in the eyes of Justin and her sister. 

“I wish Justin could make peace with Simone's death," Tiffany tells MJ. "Simone did so much and had no regrets. I wish he could say the same."

Tiffany doesn't know it yet, but Justin has a really good reason for feeling guilty over Simone’ death, which he confesses to MJ after she accuses him of trying to “sabotage” their relationship. 

“This woman who lived larger than life, in the end she was just a coward,” he says while explaining how Simone refused treatment for stage four cancer. She also “begged” him to help her take her own life, and he eventually gave in to her wishes.

“I cranked up her pain meds,” he admits to MJ. “Do you think that Tiffany would still be encouraging me to spend this money if she knew the truth?”

MJ assures Justin that he made a "loving" decision by giving Simone a sense of "peace."

Being Mary Jane Justin Simone

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Following another talk with Tiffany, Justin coyly reveals that he loves MJ and changes his mind about giving away the money that Simone left him. In fact, he actually wants MJ to help him decide what to do with the millions. 

But money matters are the least of MJ's worries. Kara (Lisa Duval) and Justin are gunning for the same job at Great Day USA, and there's a third person who could ruin their chances at landing the high-powered gig. At the urging of MJ, Kara and Justin begrudgingly join forces to knock the third candidate out of the running. 

Being Mary Jane Kara Justin

As the episode comes to a close, MJ learns that she will help decide if Justin or Kara should get the job. Choosing between her best friend and boyfriend won't be easy, especially since she and Kara just got their friendship back on track. 

Find out how the story unfolds when the Being Mary Jane season four finale airs next Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on BET.