‘Being Mary Jane’: MJ Says She Wants To Be in a 'Trusting Relationship'

Being Mary Jane Justin And MJ

#ProducerBae needs his privacy. 

On Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane, Justin (Michael Ealy) is feeling overexposed while Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is learning how to be in a “trusting relationship.”

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Justin’s gunning for an executive producer spot at Great Day USA, and he doesn’t want social media getting in the way of his chance at a new gig.

Being Mary Jane Justin And MJ Phone

As Justin explains his apprehensions to MJ, his $30 million secret becomes a hot topic on a celebrity gossip show. While he's not happy with his newly-crowned #MillionaireBae title, MJ adds insult to injury when she lets it slip that she already knew about the money stash (from snooping, of course).

According to Justin, the windfall came from his investment in a start-up company and means nothing to his career.

“I tend to value hard work more than a lucky come up,” he tells MJ. 

The money matter has Justin questioning how he can build a relationship without trust. MJ responds by assuring Justin that she’s ready to be in a “trusting relationship.” 

And of course, the first step on the road to transparency is exchanging iPads. To prove that he has nothing to hide, Justin offers up his password.

When MJ is forced to reciprocate, she gives him a fake password to give her time to delete “incriminating photos,” though it doesn’t take long for Justin to figure out her plan. 

Since snooping is her “gateway drug,” MJ begs Kara to take Justin’s iPad, but her friend's not up for the job. 

“He is not going to out-mature me, I know that,” MJ proclaims before commissioning her assistant Aaliyah (Raney Branch) to take the iPad, and further investigate Justin’s finances. 

Aaliyah’s research unveils even more to the story than what Justin told MJ. Apparently, Justin made $60 million and donated half to charity.

She also learns that the money was earned through employee stock, which conflicts with Justin's investment claim.

Justin, on the other hand, takes a different approach to getting to know MJ, opting to watch things to grow “organically,” rather than snooping through MJ's digital history.

He later confronts MJ about her trust issues, and they return each other’s iPads.

With their devices out of the way, Justin opens up about his past relationships, including his ex, Simone, who happens to be the only woman that he’s ever told “I love you.”

After Justin and MJ agree to take a “more curated approach” to social media, a photo of Simone gets exposed on Facebook and the trolls come out to attack. 

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MJ apologizes, even though it wasn't her fault, but it’s already too late. Justin is officially “done with social media,” and he’s ready to get away -- to Paris to work on a hacking story. 

After all, he’s more comfortable with reporting the story than becoming the story. On the other hand, MJ seems to enjoy (and maybe even crave?) the social media spotlight. 

Being Mary Jane airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BET.