Ben Higgins Calls Out Jed Wyatt for 'Discrediting' the 'Bachelor' Franchise (Exclusive)


Ben Higgins isn't thrilled with the allegations against Jed Wyatt. 

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with the Generous Coffee co-founder on Tuesday's episode of Roses and Rose Live -- and he didn't mince words when it came to discussing Wyatt's alleged girlfriend drama. 

Nashville musician Haley Stevens came forward to ET last month claiming that she was in a relationship with Wyatt when he went off to filmThe Bachelorette in March. She alleged that Wyatt only intended to make it to the top five to build name recognition for his music career, and claimed that he planned to come back to her after filming. 

Wyatt hasn't been able to address the claims directly, but asked fans in an Instagram post on Monday to stop attacking his family over the situation. Still, Higgins has a hard time letting the allegations go, especially after seeing Wyatt's hometown date on Monday night's episode. 

"I wonder at what point Jed started to forget about the girl back home and started to really focus on Hannah [Brown], or if that was ever something that happened in his head," he said. "We've had Jed right away speaking at the beginning of the season about how he came on this show to be famous, to get known. And then all of a sudden, he's liking this girl. Well, that could be a product of your environment." 

"And I also don't know now, looking back on that conversation, if I respected that conversation at all, because I think at some level, he was being a mastermind to protect what would ultimately come out at the end, which was that he wanted to play music a lot. So he's protecting himself," Higgins said. 

Wyatt's family was by far the most hesitant of the relatives on Monday's hometown dates. His mom and sister outwardly revealed they don't think he's ready to get engaged, and expressed their desire to instead have him focus on his career. 

"You have to understand that Jed literally went on a trip with this other girl right before this show started. They knew about it. They had seen it," Higgins shared, referencing Wyatt's February trip with Stevens. "They probably talked to him about it. In their minds, he's still with this girl, then he goes on the show and comes back with a new girl. I know my parents, they would not be thrilled with this scenario. It would not make sense to them. They would probably be super confused and really upset with me as a man if that's the behavior I was having."

Higgins wasn't scared to admit he's "very frustrated" by the situation, especially given how far Wyatt has made it on the show. "It also gives a really bad look at the show. I know that Hannah has invested her heart into this whole thing. I know there's hundreds of people that work on this show to make this thing happen. And you have guys like Jed coming on, making it super far towards the end, and it ends up discrediting the whole story that's happened through this whole season," he expressed. 

"And that, for me, I take offense to, because this show has been really good to me, and it's really good to a lot of people," Higgins added. 

Fellow Bachelor alums Nick Viall and Carly Waddell have also spoken out to ET about Wyatt's girlfriend drama. See more in the video below. 

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