Celebrity Hair Stylist Jen Atkin Got 'Violating' Home Robbery on Camera

Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal robbery
Jen Atkin / Instagram

Celebrity hairstylist and close Kardashian friend Jen Atkin was robbed on Friday, and she was able to watch the entire thing on camera.

"So whoever is in my closet right now stealing all my jewelry, we have you on camera and the police are on their way," Atkin, 37, wrote alongside a surveillance video of the two thieves riffling through her bedroom closet.

Jen Atkin robbery
Jen Atkin / Instagram

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The hairstylist, who was away working at a photo shoot at a nearby beach, continued, "Update: police are on it and I can't say too much. But get cameras in your house guys they're so helpful."

She later shared a beachside photo from Santa Monica as she reflected on the "super violating" burglary.

"Was staring at this gorgeous view today while our house was being robbed," Atkin wrote. "It felt super violating but we know in our hearts that there are good people out in this sometimes dark world. Yes we will have to adjust how we live a bit BUT I’m grateful for all the good people in our life. Just thinking of it as a good deed and hopefully the material things we loved will help whoever needed to steal it… Oh and get NEST, it’s worth every penny."

Atkin, who also works with model Chrissy Teigen and the Hadid sisters, later shared actual footage from the robbery to an Instagram story.

“You guys this is so crazy to watch. Mike just gave me permission to show this," said Atkin, who is married to celebrity photographer Mike Rosenthal. “So basically they used my own Henri Bendel bag and just starts going through the jewelry. This is so creepy."

Atkin continued, "And apparently they have robbed a couple houses on our very street today, it’s the same guys, everybody’s putting all the clues together, so guess what, buddies? It’s so crazy that people do this with cameras. It’s so not smart."

She also said that one of the robbers went straight for her Yeezys, a popular sneaker designed by Kanye West and Adidas.

"None of my name-brand shoes were taken, he literally just is checking the size of my Yeezys," she said, before adding that the robbers also went through her makeup, including the "drawer that I keep all my Kylie Lip Kits and KKW Beauty."

Jen Atkin robbery
Jen Atkin / Instagram

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