Comic-Con 2019: 'Project Blue Book' Takes on Roswell and Area 51 in New Season 2 Teaser!


The internet can't get enough of Area 51 -- and Project Blue Book is here for it. 

The History drama will take on the highly-classified Air Force base (and focal point of conspiracy theories), as well as Roswell, New Mexico, in its upcoming second season. Fans at San Diego Comic-Con got a sneak peek at the concept during the show's panel on Saturday. 

The two-minute clip shows Dr. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) back in action and investigating UFO sightings as they review an old video of a 1947 press conference from Roswell, in which a rancher discusses finding mysterious wreckage thought be a UFO. The military debunks his theory during the press conference, stating the wreckage was simply from a weather balloon -- but Hynek and Quinn know better. The pair quickly learn that General Harding (Neal McDonough) played a large role in Roswell. 

"What was Harding doing in Roswell?" Quinn asks in the clip. 

"Well, Captain, maybe this is where the cover up began," Hynek replies. 

"Well, doc, that's where we begin," Quinn insists. 

Watch the full clip in the video above. 

Project Blue Book, based on the real-life Air Force investigation of the same name, premiered on History in January, and was renewed for a second season just one month later. The season one finale saw Hynek warned not to continue his UFO research -- by the very man who had been encouraging him. 

"We've already established the adversaries within the government, and the idea that 'Unseen' had been his advocate along the way, having him turn against him puts yet another obstacle in his path that he's going to have to overcome," showrunner Sean Jablonski told ET in March. "'You believe it that much and want the truth, how bad do you want it? Because we're going to put obstacles in your path.'"

"If he's going to go down that path, I guess we need to see there are dangers," Gillen added. "You want your characters to be in peril, but not drastically." 

Production on season two of Project Blue Book started in Vancouver this week. Jablonski wouldn't tease too much about what's in store, but said he's hoping to get into more of that alien obelisk in Antarctica, which was depicted right before the season one finale credits rolled. 

"The obelisk we see at the end is obviously modeled after the Washington Monument," Jablonski said, noting that the inspiration stemmed from The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program's Operation Highjump. "Season two, you want to go bigger. You want to go deeper, and we want to make sure we're topping ourselves. Thankfully, I think we platformed a lot of good story that gives us even more to get into."

"I guess we have to [go bigger]," Gillen conceded. "It's such a big ending to end on. We've got to take it further."

Project Blue Book returns this winter on History. See more on the series in the video below. 


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