DJ Talks ‘Genuine’ Meghan Markle, Creating ‘Secret Handshake’ With Prince Harry (Exclusive)

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Imagine having a secret handshake with Prince Harry!

Remi Aderemi, aka Remi “The Road Blocker,” a 24-year-old DJ at London’s 107.3FM Reprezent, now has those bragging rights. She boldly asked the redheaded royal to create the handshake during his public appearance at the station with his fiancée, Meghan Markle, on Tuesday.

ET spoke with Remi right after videos started circulating online of her epic exchange.

“Yesterday I practiced with my brother. I said, ‘I want to do a secret handshake with Prince Harry. I want that to be our thing,’” she tells ET. “And I just went for it. Because they were so down to earth and so cool, I just went for it! He was so receptive to it. He was so ready. And he’s a quick learner, which is good.”

Remi and Prince Harry
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But copycats, beware!

“That’s ours!” Remi says. “Nobody else can have it. It’s trademarked.”

The couple caused quite a stir when they visited the local station, staying 20 minutes longer than originally scheduled. Remi says they couldn’t have been nicer.

“They were so lovely, their atmosphere, like when they walked in they came in smiling. They looked like they wanted to be there,” she recalls. “That’s always good to know. They were listening, they were asking questions, so that shows that they were listening and that they wanted to know more, which is great.”

Though there wasn’t much PDA on the newly engaged couple’s part, Remi thinks she might be to blame.

“I sat in between them, so I might have got in the way of that,” she teases.

As a female DJ, Remi was very impressed with Meghan at the event, which is only her second public outing on behalf of the royal family.

“She’s amazing. I think she was being herself,” Remi says. “I just felt like she was being herself. And she was so interested. She maintained eye contact and she showed interest.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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The pair each hugged all of the members of the youth-oriented studio at the end of their visit – a moment Remi won’t soon forget.

“It was like you were just hugging your mate. It was really genuine,” she says. “Meghan and Harry went around and hugged every single person. I’m sure everyone will take that hug and probably not wash their clothes. But yeah, that was a good moment. And we just had a bit of general chit-chat at the end before they left, and not many people can say they had general chit-chat with Prince Harry and Meghan.”

Prior to the visit, ET spoke with Reprezent’s CEO and Founder, Shane Carey, who noted that the royals didn’t put any restrictions on them at all when planning the event.

“They couldn’t be more accommodating,” Carey told ET at the time. “I think the thing that stands out for me and one of the things I really, really like about this is that they genuinely want to get the real feel of the young people. It’s not going to be scripted. I don’t think it’s going to be very, very formal. I think there’s going to be a lot of young people excited to have a chat, but no, we haven’t had any restrictions put on us at all.”

For more from the royals, watch the clip below!


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