EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Says Corinne Wasn't 'Taking Accountability' During Meeting With DeMario

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Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson may have proved they're on good terms since the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, but their co-stars still think Olympios isn't "taking accountability."

Viewers saw Olympios and Jackson's seemingly easy-going first meeting since the show's shutdown on Monday's season finale of Paradise, but backstage, Jasmine Goode told ET what was really "going on." 

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"I do understand where Corinne's coming from, but I think a lot of people were confused on why she's not taking accountability on what really happened. I think she was maybe blaming it on other things or people in her ear and I think people were like, rolling their eyes, because they're probably like, why aren't you being 100 percent honest and saying, 'I was not a victim? I shouldn't have said that'?"

Goode is happy, however, that Olympios and Jackson got the opportunity to clear the air. 

"I didn't think it was going to happen," she confessed. "You can tell they really have no harm against each other." 

"I'm sure they're both feeling really relieved right now," Amanda Stanton added. "It was probably really good for them to finally see each other and hash everything out." 


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"I think it was good that people got to see that they are friendly and cordial and it was kind of just a big misunderstanding," Wells Adams agreed.

According to Diggy Moreland, however, Olympios and Jackson's highly-anticipated sitdown still left unanswered questions. 

"Corinne saying, 'I was the victim,' that wasn't really addressed too much," he confessed. "DeMario kind of said exactly what he did say, whereas Corinne was kind of still playing into, 'I'm still the victim.'"

"It wasn't really getting solved," Moreland added, revealing, "She didn't receive as much love [from the cast] as DeMario did]." 

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"I've always been Corinne's friend. I'll always have her back, too. I just thought it was more important to have DeMario's back and be outspoken about it, just because it was so crazy," Raven Gates explained. 

"I just want to hear why she didn't reach out to me, because me and her were really close," Goode confessed. "Even if you couldn't talk to me for legal reasons, just say, 'Hey Jas, I got your text. I can't talk'... I'm over talking about it, honestly." 

Olympios told ET last week that she and Jackson had actually met up over dinner to discuss the shutdown "in detail." Watch below: