EXCLUSIVE: Khloe Kardashian & Zendaya’s Brow Queen Kelley Baker Gives Step-By-Step On How to Get A-List Brows!


Want to achieve the perfect A-list brows? 

ET’s beauty series, How-To Hollywood, is breaking down how you can achieve the perfect Hollywood brow all celebs are dying to have! 

This week, we invited celebrity brow specialist to the stars, Kelley Baker, to show us how to get those picture perfect brows she’s known for creating -- at home!

Over the past 15 years that Kelley's been in the brow game, she's built her own waxing and brow shaping studio in Venice, California, and created her own line of self-titled products, Kelley Baker Brows. Kelley explains that because of her Virgo sign (Virgo's are said to pay close attention to detail), her products must be perfect for the consumer. 


“My whole goal was that you guys could do it at home yourself," she says.

Kelley now works with celebrities such as Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Zendaya, Desi Perkins, Shay Mitchell and many more. She’s been dubbed by her clients as the “Brow Queen” of Hollywood. Zendaya, with whom she’s worked with for about four years, says Kelley is the only person she allows to touch her brows!

Kelley tells ET, “It's been a fun ride...I mean, I'm happy that it's become a look and it's recognized.” 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perfect those A-list brows:

Step 1: Highlight 


Kelley reveals, “Highlighting is the most important part of filling in your brows.”

Pro Tip: Use a flat-top smudge brush to apply the matte highlighter from the concealer pencil right under the brow. The #BrowQueen says, “This is going to create a nice line...basically the whole point is to lift your brows and brighten up the eye area.” 

Step 2: Fill in the Brow 


Starting at the front of the brow using an angled brush, dip the tool into a powder and begin to fill in the brow (a duo-ended wax-based twist pencil works as well). “Go right on the inside of the brow, where the brow hits the highlight line, very soft. I like to tell everyone less is more and you'll see it start to build,” Kelley explains.

Pro Tip: Use powder (eye shadow works too) one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color (at the root). This way your hair and your brows will look like they belong to you! 


Step 3: Comb Through 


Using a spooly or a clean mascara wand, comb the product through the brows from beginning of the brow to the end brushing up and over, following the arch of your brow.

Pro Tip: If you’re going out for a night on the town or attending a party where flash photography will be used, make sure to snap a picture before heading out the door! Sometimes you can miss a spot! 

Step 4 (optional): Set the Brow

Pro Tip: A clear or colored brow gel (or pomade) will set your brows and make them look more polished and a bit more dramatic. For a more natural brow, leave them be!


Voilà! Now take a selfie and share a photo of those A-list brows using the hashtag #HowToHollywood!

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