EXCLUSIVE: Laura Dern Reveals She's Giving Her Emmy Away, Says She's 'In' for 'Big Little Lies' Season 2

Laura Dern talks to ET about her big Emmy win.

Laura Dern is feeling over the moon about her Emmy win on Sunday for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series.

ET spoke with the actress backstage after nabbing the award for her role as Renata on HBO's Big Little Lies, when she revealed she's actually not keeping her Emmy -- she's planning on giving it to her mother, actress Diane Ladd.

"I think I'm gonna give this to my mom -- my original actress, mentor, inspiration," Dern told ET's Nancy O'Dell.

Dern said she hadn't told her mother beforehand about her touching plan.

"I definitely want to have her have this," Dern said. "But, yes, I'm telling her right now with you that 'Mom, I want you to have this.' She wanted to be here, but she's a working actor."

The actress revealed her co-star Reese Witherspoon's mom and her mom have actually become great friends.

"It's really a family," she noted.

Dern later said she plans to celebrate her win with her Big Little Lies co-stars -- Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz.

"I know Reese and Nic are ready to party, already," she said. "I mean, I think we're just going to go to every single party possible. I'm exhausted already."

"Oh, we're the best of friends," she said of the star-studded cast. "It's so lucky."

Dern marveled at what the win means for women in television.

"Well, it's girl power because as I spoke to tonight, I hadn't worked with women -- a large group of women -- ever," she said. "It's so lucky. You know, maybe you get one crew member, one actress. This was an amazing tribe. May there be more and more fierce female characters and female crew."

As for Big Little Lies getting a second season? Dern says she's definitely "hoping."

"Someone was saying, 'Can we hope?' I was like, 'I'm hoping,' you know? It's the best time we've ever had."

"I'm in," she also said when asked if she was up for season two. "I think all of the girls feel excited and 'in.' The challenge is getting everyone together at the same time, when everyone's available, and seeing if Liane [Moriarty], you know, what she wants to offer, because it came with her book first, so, we'll see. I'm hoping. It would be beautiful."

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