Blake Lively Talks Most Controversial Style Moment


Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet, where the genetically gifted 25-year-old often polarizes critics with her daringly high-fashion looks -- but does she ever regret any of her always memorable choices?

ET's Brooke Anderson sat down with Blake to talk about being the face of Gucci's Première, the iconic fashion brand's signature female fragrance, where she also opened up about some of her most talked-about style moments!

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One gown in particular that sealed Blake's status as a fashion icon was her infamous deep-plunging, body-hugging red Versace gown she sported at the 2009 Emmys, which had plenty of jaws dropping. 

"Oh my gosh, that was a very tricky outfit," Blake smiles. "I'm actually a pretty shy person and that outfit was a very daring outfit. It was a very windy day, so you have to go and feel like [and] think of somebody else. I've said before, I thought of Marilyn Monroe. How would she feel if she were walking out there? It's like playing a character, and it's so fun to wear that because that's a dress I'd see and be like, 'I love that. I wish I had the nerve to wear that!' So that was an empowering look."

Interesting enough, Blake is one of the few Hollywood starlets who doesn't have a stylist (even more unbelievable given that she has landed such enviable fashion campaigns as Gucci and Chanel), so she shares that she'll never feel bad about any fashion "mistakes."

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"I think that if you believe that you can't make a mistake as long as you feel good in it, then you have a sort of freedom," she says. "You're never going to have 100 percent of the people loving what you wore -- you're always going to have people split on it. So as long as you look back and you said, 'I felt really proud to wear that that night -- I felt really good about myself,' then that's all that really matters."

Check out the video to hear who Blake's style icons are, and to see her play a game of fashion speed round!