Watch Blake Lively Get Snippy with 'Vogue' While Decorating Cupcakes


Blake Lively has been getting plenty of hate on the Internet this week thanks to the launch of her lifestyle company Preserve on Monday and an already heavily-mocked Vogue cover story, and this new video for the high-fashion magazine's series in which they asks popular actresses 73 rapid-fire questions is sure to only add fuel to the fire.

True to her perfect wife image, the statuesque Blake, 26, decorates cupcakes during the video, and still claims to love every single type of dessert despite her enviable physique.

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So just how often does she bake?

So often that she names her home as her favorite bakery, before dropping this little gem.

"My husband has coined it the 'Blakery.'"

... Seriously?!

But perhaps most notable in the new video is that the former Gossip Girl shows a little bit of her sarcastic humor in the video, getting surprisingly snippy with the interviewer at times.

For example, when asked if she likes to bake cupcakes, she deadpans, "Yes, they're much better baked than raw."

Similarly, a question about what she orders at Starbucks didn't go over so well.

"Do people go to Starbucks these days?" she replies.

But Blake did comment on her specific type of dry humor in her Vogue profile, explaining, "When I say something funny, I don't laugh, so my friends are always like, 'Hahahahaaaa!' so people know. When I'm not with them, I always think, 'This person doesn't know I’m funny; they just think I'm a jerk.'"

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Watch the video above to decide for yourself.