Calvin Klein's New Model Opens Up About Battling Her Weight Obsession


Model Myla Dalbesio's figure would be considered enviable for most women, but within a fashion industry chock full of size zero frames she's considered "not skinny enough." The industry's unreasonable standards eventually led her down a drug addled path, which she opened up about during a sit-down with ET.

"I was taking these pills, not sleeping, not eating," Dalbesio said, describing her darkest days. "It becomes like you're rewarding yourself in your brain -- if you can go through a whole day without eating and still go to a gym for an hour or two hours, then it's like you did such a good job."

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Dalbesio beat her obsession with weight and is now at a size 8 with her measurements being 38"-31"-42", which is within the range that the modelling world calls an "in betweenie" - not big enough for plus size, but not skinny enough for designers' runway shows.

Now, Dalbesio has found her place in Calvin Klein's new campaign Perfectly Fit, which recognizes women of all sizes.

"Look at the history of the brand," said Dalbesio. "They launched Kate Moss, and this is the woman who started this whole trend of waif. To see a brand like that embracing you a greater range of sizes … it's really special."