Secrets from the Stylist: Go Inside the '2 Broke Girls' Costume Closet


Kat Dennings
’ and Beth Behrs’ signature styles of well accessorized and affordable looks on 2 Broke Girls continues to inspire trends for the everyday fashonista and we have costume designer Trayce Field to thank for that! The fashion mastermind has been with the show since the very beginning and is behind the show’s most stylish moments, including those now iconic diner uniforms.

“When you see those it's instant recognition,” the designer says. “The fit is still the same. Kat is a very voluptuous beautiful girl, we wanted to make sure that her curves were accentuated. Beth has the most amazing long legs so her uniform is shorter, so it's still sort of the same fit, the girls love it…”

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Field is responsible for dressing the entire cast, guest stars, and background actors from head to toe, so one can only imagine how large of a budget it must take to style a heavy load of actors. So where does this stylist find the perfect pieces for so many people?

“I go everywhere. On any given day it's like I can go from like H&M, I can be at Kmart, all the way up to Saks and Neiman's and Barney's. I order stuff from Bergdorf's in NY all the time…”

Field says a great outfit can consist of mixing high and low brands, but the key is in how you style it. There’s no shame in recycling wardrobe just find new ways to wear a look by switching up your accessories.

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"I really feel like accessories pull together the outfit,” Field says. "I do feel like if you belt an outfit or you just add the right earring it pulls it together. It could be like a purse, but I feel like those little special touches just bring it all together.”

Season four of 2 Broke Girls premieres Monday October 27th on CBS.