These Handbags Look Like Cartoons Come to Life and Will Make Your Brain Freak Out


Here’s the perfect mind-freak accessory to pair with #TheDress: These trippy cartoon-looking bags have been around for years now, but recently became popular again in this new wave of “OMG HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT?!?!” fashion.


Because they look like clip art added in after the fact! Cool!

The bags are made by a Taiwanese company called JumpFromPaper and, as they explain on their website, are “an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy...[JumpFromPaper] encourages people to let their imagination go wild!”


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The bags come with a pricetag in the ballpark of $80 to $150, with handbags and purses specifically marketed for women:


But with backpacks and satchels that are easily unisex:


(P.S. You can get a similar “2-D bag” for a fourth of the price on Amazon.)

Here’s a more candid pictures that shows how the bag looks like in real life:

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Just be warned: Someone who actually owns the bag posted in the comments over at Buzzfeed, “I have had one for a couple years, if you don't mind people stopping you on the street to take pictures, and don't actually need to carry more than a flat piece of paper and a single stick of gum, it's a great bag!”


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