JWoww Has Been Waist Training for Two Months to Prepare for Her Wedding


Jenni "JWoww" Farley has certainly been keeping up with the Kardashians, at least when it comes to waist training.

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The Jersey Shore star has been preparing for her wedding and shedding her baby fat by embracing the Hollywood corset training trend, and she seems happy with the results.

"Wedding prep has been in full swing… and by that I mean prepping my body for my perfect wedding dress!" Farley wrote on her website. "I’ve been eating right and making sure to stick to my exercise regimen. But what has helped really cinch my waist in and get me those amazing curves has been my waist trainer!"

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The reality star, who gave birth to daughter Meilani in July 2014, also posted pics of herself in her corset on Instagram, writing, "I have been waist training for two months with @girlycurves_ I'm so happy with my results"

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Check out more celebrities who are waist training in the video below.

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