Gigi Hadid on Life After the Runway: 'It's Not Just OK Anymore to Model Until You're 25'

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The model talks to AdWeek about planning for a future after fashion.

Gigi Hadid’s mother might be a Real Housewife, but the 19-year-old model currently has no plans to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

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Hadid, whose mother is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, talked to Adweek about modeling and the new exposure afforded to the new crop of millennial celebrities who document their lives and careers on Twitter and Instagram.

"I think it's always come naturally to just be genuine on social media and to put things into words that people can relate to," says Hadid, "rather than putting things in a way that makes them feel that they can't be a part of it."

In today’s digital age, young models use social media almost religiously to build a following and market themselves to agents and companies. But building a brand is important for more than just their careers on the runway. As industry turnaround gets quicker, models are being pressured to focus on life after the runway at a younger and younger age.

"What people want to know is, OK, what’s after modeling?" Hadid tells the magazine. "And that’s forcing us to think about those things [even earlier]. It’s not just OK anymore to model until you’re 25 and then stop and be a housewife."

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As for Hadid, she sees herself remaining in the industry in one form or another.

"I'm an entertainer, and I think that I'll always be in that business," says Hadid, who also took classes in criminal psychology at The New School before landing her first job at Fashion Week. "Who knows? I could always be a fact checker on CSI."

Social media has helped Hadid grow her career, but it also landed her in some hot water earlier this month when a Snapchat video sent by her boyfriend, singer Cody Simpson, appeared to show the model snorting cocaine at a Victoria’s Secret party in Miami.

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Simpson defended his girlfriend at the Kids’ Choice Awards, saying "she would never do anything like that."

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