Hollywood's Top 4 Beauty Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu told ET that it takes a village of beauty experts to keep Hollywood stars looking as sexy as possible and they still don't catch everything, so we've put together a list of simple tips for avoiding some of the biggest celebrity beauty pitfalls.

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1. Lizard Legs: "Nothing spoils a mini skirt more than lizardy, scaly legs," Dr. Wu said. To prevent this, Dr. Wu says to use a salicylic acid body scrub and to apply a body lotion containing lactic acid after your skin has dried.

2. Sweaty Armpits: Armpit stains can be embarrassing, but according to Dr. Wu, botox can help. "Botox in the armpits sweating all over your red carpet gown. It takes 10 minutes. There's no downtime, and they're dry for six to nine months.

3. Stretch Marks: "A lot of celebrities these days are into those sheer styles that are showing a lot of leg, a lot of hip, a lot of tummy. If you have stretch marks, you got to treat them," Dr. Wu said. She recommends using a prescription-strength retinoid. This will help "build the collagen and elastic tissue to repair those broken elastic fibers."

4. Cleavage Creases: Chest wrinkles are typically caused by sun damage. This is an issue that Kim Kardashian wanted to rectify before her wedding, and her dermatologist went high-tech, using lasers to smooth out her skin.

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