Gisele Bundchen Shows Off Her Guitar Playing and Singing Skills in New Chanel Campaign


Gisele Bundchen is more than just a pretty face!

The 35-year-old model shows off her musical talents in a new video campaign for Chanel, strumming a guitar and musing about life. Bundchen, the face of Chanel No. 5, also opens up about her connection with nature as she walks the grounds of the rustic, East Coast home she shares with husband Tom Brady.

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“I feel very connected to the Earth, since I was a little girl,” Bundchen says in the video. “When I’m the happiest is when I’m anywhere in the middle of nature. It could be the ocean, it could be the mountains, anywhere. As long as I’m in nature, I feel like I’m in my element.”

Bundchen’s connection to the Earth is deep-seeded in her childhood. She describes growing up “always barefoot” in a small village in the south of Brazil, with maternal grandparents that worked as farmers.

Nowadays, the model and mother of two leads a busier life, but explains that she relies on meditation and yoga to help keep her grounded.

“You have to know who you are and connect to that place within yourself that knows who you are, knows your essence, knows that you come from love,” she says. “That, I think, keeps everything joyful.”

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In another video, Bundchen opens up about the power of scent and how it can connect generations.

“I remember my mom’s perfume, I remember her scent,” she says. “I hope that my kid will remember my perfume. Maybe a mom’s scent is not something you can forget.”

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The model is certainly a doting mother. She recently shared adorable Instagram messages for her son Ben, 6, and daughter Vivian, 3, both of whom have December birthdays.

"Happy birthday my little sunshine!” Bundchen captioned a pic of her daughter playing with balloons on the beach. “I love you so much!"

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