Whoopi Goldberg Has Designed a Line of Christmas Sweaters, But Don't Call Them Ugly


Whoopi Goldberg's unique style has even caught the attention of Vogue magazine.

Adding to her EGOT title (Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar and Tony wins) and co-hosting duties at The View, Goldberg is launching a nine-piece capsule collection of holiday sweaters, and speaks with the high-fashion magazine about her newest venture.

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"I love what we call an 'ugly Christmas sweater.' I have been wearing them over the years on the show. I once said to my work partner, 'Maybe I should design some ugly Christmas sweaters,' and he told our friend Gary Wassner [CFDA advisory board member], who ran with the ball," Goldberg explains of how the whole idea took off. "The next thing I knew, I designed 13 and 14 of them. We ended up over at Lord & Taylor and they bought 11 or 12 of them. I was like, 'Okay, cool!'"

While the 60-year-old comedian is aware of the term "ugly Christmas sweater," she says that description does not apply to her clothing collection. "You can’t call them 'ugly,'" she insists. "Mine are kind of 'funny Christmas sweaters' or 'Christmas sweaters with a twist.'"

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The hope is that the message behind these sweaters is "we are all in this together."

"It’s all in my funny, weird head of things that I like to see," she says of her designs. "There’s a great one of two Santas kissing, one white Santa and one black Santa, and it’s fantastic. It’s anything that will elicit a smile or an 'aw' from you. That’s what I want."

She exclaims, "Silly sweaters can unite us and what is better than that?"

Goldberg's Instagram followers know that the TV co-host loves to post pics of her eccentric shoe-and-sock combos that she wears on The View -- but will she also design a footwear line? "In my head I do, but the truth of the matter is my shoe collection exists for work," she shares. "I have three or four pairs of shoes at my house. Most of them are Birkenstocks, and a couple of them are just, you know, wild, strange sneakers."

As for how she comes up with her looks, Goldberg laments, "I’m not a boring dresser; there is always something interesting on me, if it is a pin or a [special] pair of shoes. During the holidays, if I could make sweaters that talked or sang, I would!"

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