19-Year-Old Rob Lowe Talks Being a Teen Heartthrob, Adjusting to Fame

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Apparently, Rob Lowe knows something we all don't -- because 32 years later, he still looks exactly the same.

Back in 1983, ET sat down with the then-19 year old actor, who was adjusting to fame and his new status as a teen heartthrob.

"It's something I don't really have that much control over believe it or not," Lowe told ET back then. "I've never had any negative things happen other than people will find the phone number and call and call and I have to get it changed, but that's not that bad we haven't had people running down our driveway."

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Heartthrob or not, Lowe was off the market as he was involved with actress Melissa Gilbert, whom he would date on and off for six years.

"It has its ups and downs and offs and ons like everything else," said Lowe. "But it's really the one relationship that's kind of kept going."

But Lowe admitted that his relationship with Gilbert was strained due to the amount of roles he was getting – and even back then, he knew that having fun was really what it was all about.

"Once you reach a certain level where you've done a few films then it’s a real trap if you take yourself too seriously. After you've done some work, lighten up with it and have some fun with it," said Lowe. "I work with many stars but I have yet to work with someone who thinks they're a star -- which is great, I hope I never have to."

Watch this video to see a strikingly similar looking, but younger Rob Lowe.