Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein


In honor of their 13th wedding anniversary, Philipps shared the story of her and Silverstein's surprise 2007 wedding, joking that she honored her man by letting "him participate in a self timed photo shoot on the balcony with me. Only half kidding." She went on to ask fans to swipe left in order to see pics from the nuptials. "IF YOU CARE TO SCROLL YOU WILL SEE. 1. the invitation people were handed AFTER we got married because we had a SURPRISE wedding and our friends all thought they were just coming to a birthday party marc was throwing for me. 2. IMHO one of the top 5 wedding photos ever taken (by @amyandstuart) 3. the mix CD(?) all our guests left with. 4. Some of the CEREMONY, (lead guest star was the incomparable @mrarchibaldleach, who nailed his role) which marc wrote in Final Draft Pro, obvs, and then RIPPED HIMSELF OFF in the movie he and Abby wrote several years later THE VOW. 5. Marc's very specific notes to the DJ?6. The four vintage glass vases I kept (of like a hundred) that @jogartin found per my request for the flowers?7. Our MENU from AMMO catering(RIP AMMO Highland-also where I met @edroste for the first time❤️) - @ktqlowes was one of the caterers(pre Scandal OBVS) and i love love that she was at our wedding before we were friends??8. Thirteen years ago right now, I got married to Marc Silverstein. Who knew we’d be better looking now? ?." Philipps and Silverstein are now parents to two daughters, Birdie and Cricket.