Harry Styles Talks Trusting Olivia Wilde, Sex Scenes and Taylor Swift 'Daylight' Theory

The singer's new album, 'Harry's House,' is due out May 20.

Harry Styles is gushing about his girlfriend -- and putting a rumor about his ex to rest. The 28-year-old singer appeared on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, and opened up about his foray into acting and his upcoming third solo album, Harry's House.

Styles met his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, on the set of her flick, Don't Worry Darling. Wilde helmed the film, which Styles stars in alongside Florence Pugh, and the singer had only good things to say about the experience.

"I had a wonderful experience being directed by Olivia," he said. "... Acting is kind of very uncomfortable at times. I think you have to trust a lot. It requires a lot of trust if you want to give it everything. I think being able to trust your director is a gift. That was very helpful. It really meant for kind of a really nice experience working on that movie."

"I think it's really fun. I think ultimately, in terms of the trust element, it can feel really silly," Styles added of acting. "It can feel embarrassing. You're playing pretend ultimately."

Don't Worry Darling isn't Styles' only upcoming film; the "Watermelon Sugar" singer is also set to appear in My Policeman. Both films required Styles to shoot sex scenes, though only the latter features the singer nude.

"I think the most important thing in that stuff is trust. I think if you speak about it properly with everyone that's involved [that helps]," he said of filming intimate scenes. "... If you remember that the most important thing on the set is the two human beings doing it. If at any point either one of you is uncomfortable, I think having the conversation where it's like, 'It doesn't matter if they're getting great stuff, if you don't feel good, you tell me and we'll stop.'"

"It does feel vulnerable. I'd never kissed anyone on camera before and it felt like giving a part of myself away in some ways," Styles added. "... I wasn't naked in Don't Worry Darling. I was naked in My Policeman. There's no peen in the final cut. There's bum bum... I don't think the peen was intended to be involved. The peen, it was pre-negotiated that that would remain my own."

Even with Styles' burgeoning acting career, he's still committed to music. During his appearance on the radio show, Stern played Styles' new track, "Cinema," which includes the lyric, "If you're getting yourself wet for me, I guess you're all mine."

Styles stayed mum about the inspiration for the song -- despite Stern's suggestion that the singer penned the "love song" for Wilde -- but did speak about using his life experiences in his songwriting.

"Most of the time when I write songs, they start out as I guess, mine. Then, it’s less so," he said. "I think it’s important to write from kind of what you’re going through at the time and trying to turn life into what you make. I guess it's like, the most you can kind of capture a moment is kind of being true to that."

Another new song that has captured fans' attention is "Daylight," since the track shares a name with a 2019 Taylor Swift song. While that fact raised eyebrows because the singers dated between 2012 and 2013, Styles assured Stern that the shared title is just a coincidence.

"Here we go," Styles quipped when Stern brought up the twin titles, before telling the radio host of his Swift theory, "You're reading too much into it. I'd love to tell you you're spot on, but no, sorry."

Harry's House is due out May 20.