Helen Hunt On a Possible 'Mad About You' Revival: 'It's Looking Interesting' (Exclusive)


It's been nearly 19 years since Mad About You aired it's final episode on NBC, but star Helen Hunt says that doesn't mean the show couldn't make a comeback sometime soon.

Speaking with ET's Deidre Behar at a junket promoting her upcoming film, The Miracle Season, the actress addressed rumors that her celebrated NBC sitcom could be coming back to TV in the near future.

"It's looking interesting, I will say," Hunt shared, adding that she and her former co-star, Paul Reiser, have been talking about the feasibility and viability of a revival.

"[He was] at my kitchen table yesterday and, after a lot of conversations between us about how we were very proud of the work we did, and we left it with a lot of care, [we agreed] we just didn't want to come in and wreck it," Hunt explained. "That was our number one goal and remains our number one goal."

The speculation regarding Mad About You's potential continuation, comes in the wake of a slew of recent sitcom revivals, including Will & Grace -- which was off the air for 11 years before coming back for a brand new ninth season in 2017 -- and Rosanne, which returned for its 10th season on Tuesday almost 21 years since it stopped airing.

Despite Hunt and Reiser's appreciation for how the series concluded back in May 1999, the actress admitted that they do see how the show could have a new life two decades later.  

"It does seem compelling to visit these characters 20 years into a marriage after raising an entire human being," the 54-year-old Oscar winner explained. "So depending on some pieces falling into place, it could happen."

While Hunt said that there is no script currently in the works, she did respond to fan speculation that the revival focus on Paul (Reiser) and Jamie (Hunt) dealing with life as empty-nesters after their daughter Mabel -- played as a teen in the show's season finale Cara DeLizia and as an adult by Janeane Garofalo -- heads off to college.

'Mad About You'
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"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out 20 years later she's probably going somewhere and they'll just be stuck with each other," Hunt said. "I don't think I'm reinventing any wheel by saying that would certainly be one of the things we would look at."

Hunt said she'd also like to see how the characters have remained together yet somewhat dysfunctional over the course of their marriage.

"I just want [my character] to continue to reflect the highly imperfect nature of everybody around me. People that watch the show never say, 'We love how perfect you are with each other!' They say, 'We love how you're falling apart,'" she said. "I don't imagine these characters have gotten more perfect in 20 years."

The actress, who won four Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes for her role on the hit sitcom, said she would also love to work alongside Reiser once again.

"He and I have lunch every couple of months. We talk all the time," she shared. "I'm deeply devoted to my friendship with him so to get to play again with him, if it happens, would be great."

ET caught up with Reiser in January at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles and the actor -- who currently stars in the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things -- played a bit coy about the possibility of a revival.

"We may, or we may not, I don't know. Should we?" Reiser, 60, teased. "Helen Hunt and I have been discussing and seeing if we want to or if we don't want to. There are lots of reasons to [do it] and lots of reasons not to."

"I was always very proud that we ended it perfectly, and then we went away," he added. "So if you come back, you want to make sure it's really good. So that's what we're discussing." Check out the video below to hear more.

Hunt's new film, The Miracle Season, hits theaters April 6.


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