'Tin Tin' Stars Talk Working With Spielberg


The premiere of The Adventures of Tin Tin took place in Los Angeles Thursday night, and one man became the recurring theme on the red carpet: Steven Spielberg.

"I remember arriving on set and there's Steven Spielberg, who's the nicest man on the planet," Sebastian Roche gushed. "The most charming, calm [and] lovely man. It was surreal."

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Roche, like most of the cast, had never got to work with arguably the greatest filmmaker of our time who helmed the film version of the popular European comic. And while Peter Jackson, another film guru, was on board as producer, the focus remained on the man in the director's chair.

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"I don't think there's an actor on this planet who doesn't want to work with him," Jamie Bell said. "He's the most successful storyteller of our time."

Click the video to hear what else the stars had to say about Spielberg and the movie! The Adventures of Tin Tin arrives in theaters December 21.