Brad Steps Out for Angelina's Directorial Debut


It was sheer pandemonium at the New York City premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, when Hollywood's most famous couple stepped out to support Angelina Jolie's directorial debut.

Jolie was clearly taken aback by the special moment, and reiterated how important the film is to not just her, but the close-knit cast.

"I look across at all my friends and the actors who were in the movie and I'm so proud of them," a smiling Jolie told ET. "It's their first big premiere in America and we all got dressed together. It's very moving and very sweet, and this film means a lot to us."

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Goran Kostic, who plays one half of the Bosnian war-torn lovers in the film, shared that working with Jolie on the film was the "ultimate experience."

"After five minutes of meeting her, the whole thing disappeared, this fame about Angelina being who she is. And from then on it was easy. For 41 days of filming, I loved every single day and every single night."

His co-star Zana Marjanovic shared similar sentiments about Jolie's directorial and writing talents, saying she had no doubts or nerves coming into the buzzed-about film.

"Once I read the script, I had no doubt," she said. "I was very proud to be part of that project."

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Check out the video to see more of Jolie's big moment, and to hear what the superstar wants for Christmas.

In The Land of Blood and Honey hits theaters December 23.