What Makes Matt Damon So Likable?


Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning walked the red carpet for the New York City premiere of We Bought a Zoo, where Damon's co-stars talked about what makes him one of the most likable guys in Hollywood.

"I think he's just incredibly warm and present and gracious," Johansson gushed. "And I think everyone appreciates that, especially from someone who's had as much success as Matt, and has been in it as long as he has. He really has maintained his sort of groundedness. It's very refreshing."

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Current Hollywood "It" girl Elle Fanning echoed the sentiments.

"I got to see him on set with all his daughters, so I saw him be real dad and movie dad in the film, so that was really neat," she explained. "And he's just such a nice guy."

The admiration for his co-stars was mutual, as Damon clearly enjoyed working with the "glamorous" Johansson.

"She's awesome, she's just a terrific actress," Damon said. "My one concern when I read the script and [director] Cameron [Crowe] said 'I really want Scarlett for this', I thought, 'The girl from those magazine covers?' I didn't know her, you know, and she's so glamorous and I said, 'She's going to be the one working at the zoo?' But she just kind of embraced the role and was just so believable as that girl. She was awesome."

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