Charlize Theron's Risque Golden Globe Plans


Charlize Theron has earned a rather impressive number of top spots on various "best dressed" lists over the years, but the Oscar-winner might want to rethink her planned outfit of choice for the 2012 Golden Globes if she'd like to keep that reigning title in the fashion world. 

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Having been nominated for a Golden Globe three times already (with a win for 2003's Monster), we asked Charlize how she would make her mark at the 2012 ceremony after gaining another nom Thursday morning for her role in Young Adult. The actress teased a rather interesting choice of wardrobe that will no doubt turn a few heads, but not in a good way.

"I'm thinking I'm going covered in mud this year," she kidded, ultimately answering that she hasn't made any definite plans as of yet.

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All jokes aside, the Oscar-winner said she's "excited" for the event and thankful for all the "lovely" words of congratulations she'd received during the day.

Patton Oswalt showered his co-star with praise, telling ET the nom couldn't have happened to a better person." I'm so excited for her. She absolutely deserves it," he said. "She's so good in this movie. All the recognition she's getting, it's great... I could not have been happier for her."

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Young Adult is in theaters now.