Jennifer Lopez on Whether She'll Show Off Her New 'Hustlers' Moves at a Strip Club (Exclusive)


Fans may have the opportunity to see Jennifer Lopez show off her moves on screen in Hustlers and at a strip club in real life! 

ET's Keltie Knight spoke with J.Lo at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Hustlers on Saturday, where she revealed that going incognito to show off the stripper pole moves she learned for the movie just might be on her agenda. 

"I might!" she teased, sharing that she's worked up some confidence since her days on set. 

"Let me tell you, when we filmed the [pole dancing] scene, I was terrified. I was so ready for it, I was prepared, I knew exactly what I was doing. And as I walked to the stage in dental floss, literally wearing nothing, I said to myself, 'Oh my god, what am I doing with my life right now? Oh my god.' And then after I did it, I really got into the mindset of, 'I'm going to take all your money. That's what I'm going to do right now,'" Lopez added. "It's a mindset that these girls have."

The 50-year-old actress stars in Hustlers as Ramona, a veteran stripper who sets up a scam to steal from wealthy men after the 2008 financial crisis. While Lopez said her character couldn't be further from who she is as a person, she couldn't help but take a piece of Ramona's wardrobe to TIFF with her. 

"This was Ramona's bag. This was from the movie," she gushed of the crystal-covered Judith Leiber clutch she was carrying -- which looked like a sparkling stack of $100 bills. "I wanted to use it tonight... to have a little piece of her with me."

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Lopez's Hustlers co-star, Keke Palmer, gave ET a preview of her red carpet look ahead of the premiere -- and seemed all-in for a strip club visit later. 

"If I go incognito? Yeah, why not? Yeah! I'll be twerking and flirting all through that club!" she said with a laugh. "Let's see how much money I'll make!"

The Hustlers cast certainly took Toronto by storm on Saturday, led by their fearless leader, Lopez. 

"I feel like maybe I don't belong here just yet. Maybe this puts my foot in the door a little bit, but I feel just very... I'm very humbled to be here," Lili Reinhart confessed. "It's so incredible. I just feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with all the women that I was able to work with."

"She was the most caring person that I have ever met," Constance Wu raved of Lopez. "[She was a] mama, friend, fellow artist. Because she knows she's an icon, she was always making sure that everyone around her was OK. And it really set the tone for the whole thing. It was a dream to work with her, and I love her with all my heart."

The multi-hyphenate has already been earning awards buzz for her performance. "Don't want to jinx it!" Lopez told ET. 

"You sign onto these movies, you give it your all, you do all you can, learning the pole dancing, the emotional journey of what these girls go through... Me, playing a character like I've never played, I'm a real badass here, a real bad girl. I mean, she is so far from who I [am] -- I think I'm tough, but I'm not tough," she explained. "All of it, just the choices that she makes, how she looks at life [is so different than me]. She's unapologetic."

Hustlers hits theaters on Friday. See more in the video below. 


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