Jonah Hill Describing Longtime Friend Emma Stone Will Melt Your Heart (Exclusive)

The 'Superbad' co-stars are teaming up again for 'Maniac,' and Hill could not have been more excited to work with Stone once more.

Superbad co-stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are reuniting in their new Netflix original series Maniac, and listening to the Wolf of Wall Street actor marvel over getting to work with the La La Land star makes it clear how great it was to be collaborating together once again.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with the close friends and co-stars at the premiere of Maniac at Center 415 in New York City on Thursday, and Hill had nothing but love and praise for his former on-screen love interest.

"Honestly one of the crazy things you realize -- and I've been thinking all about it because of tonight -- is we've been friends for a decade, we worked together 12 years ago, and then we've been friends for that long," Hill reflected. "And when your friends get successful they're always making films so you never get to actually really hang out that often."

After Superbad put Hill and Stone on the map, they both went on to cultivate incredible and acclaimed careers, with Hill earning two Oscar nominations -- first for his work in Moneyball and then The Wolf of Wall Street -- and Stone winning the coveted golden trophy for La La Land two years after getting her first nom for Birdman.

"She's so good, so brilliant," Hill continued. "I get to be friends with artists I really admire, that's pretty amazing. And watching someone I've been friends with for so long become so gifted and so recognized is special."

As for Stone, there was no shortage of love on her end as well.

"I think Jonah's incredible and I was just so excited to get to work with him again," the actress shared.

In Maniac, the pair play two volunteers who submit to undergo clinical testing on a new pharmacological drug that promises to cure all their problems, but there could be some hidden side effects.

The series also sees Hill and Stone embody a variety of different unique characters, all rocking different styles and evoking different personalities.

"Getting to do all of that together [with Hill], and discover all those people together, was really a blast," Stone shared.

Their upcoming new show, Maniac, premieres Sept. 21 on Netflix.