Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Talk Landing Two Perfect Scores on ‘DWTS’ With Corbin Bleu (Exclusive)

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On their way to the top! Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold scored two perfect scores on Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars.

The pair teamed up with season 17 finalist Corbin Bleu for the Trio Dance. Bleu and Fisher have never gotten to perform together, but both have starred in musicals written by Lin-Manuel Miranda – Fisher in Hamilton and Bleu in In the Heights.

The high-energy group danced a salsa that brought judge Len Goodman to his feet.

“It was such a good night and it could have not happened to a more deserving person,” Arnold said of her partner. “I mean that, it has been a crazy eight weeks. I am so, so grateful for every moment that we have had together and having tonight was such a good night for us and I am really, really proud.”

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The number left both Arnold and Fisher breathless.

“Stamina was a real thing this week. Like I am supposed to be the pro and I am sitting there like [heavy breathing], and I am asking Corbin and Jordan to keep up,” she said. “It is a lot but both of them stepped up to the plate. Jordan and his quick step stepped to the plate and then in the trio did the exact same, and I am so happy.” 

Fisher revealed that the team had a very limited amount of time to rehearse the top-scoring routine with Bleu.

“Only having two days with Corbin to really rehearse and build this piece and what not, and it culminating into a moment where we saw three 10’s for both pieces, a standing O from Len, like, I can’t put it into words, I am so grateful for so many things but mostly that I have this person as my partner that is the best part of this whole thing.”

Jordan Fisher, Lindsay Arnold, Corbin Bleu on 'DWTS'
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The pairing have been top contenders throughout the season, consistently landing some of the show’s best scores. But they aren’t worried about burning out too quickly.

“I am feeling extremely good about where we are right now and I think it all goes back to the fact that we have a great relationship, and we trust each other and that is what I plan on continuing doing,” Arnold said. “I think that is all we can do, do our best, rely on each other and lean on each other for the rest of this competition as long as we stay in.”

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